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Manila, Philippines

raven - Ngayon Lang 'To

Photo courtesy of Sony

raven makes comeback with a fresh new track about love and admiration with Ngayon Lang To. Going back to his lo-fi, hip-hop/rap sound, raven once again exudes chill vibes all while confessing his crush on someone. The repetitive guitar motif paired with a simple, well-paced beat emulates the expression one's inner thoughts, nervousness and overall feelings when someone manages to squeeze their way into a special place in your heart.

Photo courtesy of Sony

raven is a 21-year old singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Cavite. This open-genre musician, who performs, writes, and produces his tracks, dabbles into lo-fi, hip-hop, and folk-indie-pop-rock soundscapes for most of his songs. With his steady rise into the industry, he has captured the attention of OPM icon Rico Blanco, who has taken him under his wing, as he releases new music signed under Sony Music Philippines. When it comes to his music, raven takes inspiration from Keshi, Lauv, Rico Blanco, Kiyo, among many other artists.


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