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Productivity Apps to Help You Get Back Into the School Groove

As students once again return to the virtual halls of online classes, getting back into the groove can be challenging after being on break from school. Luckily, there’s an app for that—by that, I mean boosting your academic productivity as well as keeping you organized and motivated.

The usual email and video conferencing apps aside, here’s a list of apps you can download to help you stay on top of everything school-related.

For organizing your to-do’s: Notion

This all-in-one workspace lets you list your daily tasks, take notes, manage projects, and collaborate with your classmates. It combines all the functions of apps like Google Docs, Evernote, Trello, and Todoist.

Image from Notion

Notion also provides a wide array of templates from study trackers to journaling. You can customize the workspace however you need it, too, by creating pages, kanban boards, and dashboards.

This productivity app is available for mobile on iOS and Android, as well as for Windows and Mac, making your workflow conveniently accessible on different devices. You can list down your tasks on your phone before you get out of bed so as soon as you're on your desk, you can get straight to work.

For dealing with procrastination: Forest

Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? It's a time management system where you break your workday into 25- or 30-minute chunks separated by 5-minute breaks. Sure, Forest works like your usual timer, but it gives you an incentive to stay focused.

Image from Forest

Every chunk of time you complete, you are rewarded with a virtual tree. And if you use the app long enough, you can use your saved-up coins to plant trees in real life.

Forest also offers a focus mode where your tree will whither if you leave the app. It's great motivation to lessen your screentime, too.

For hungry learners: Khan Academy

Maybe you've first heard of Khan Academy on YouTube from watching their helpful videos on Chemistry and Math. Now, Khan Academy has a free app so you can browse their courses, ranging from coding to art history, and access to interactive exercises.

You can download videos, too, so you can watch lessons even when you're offline.

Image from Khan Academy

For your essays and papers: Grammarly Premium

Classes are never short of papers, essays, and reports. Sometimes, you have too many papers to write, you won't be able to proofread your work. Enter Grammarly, your online writing assistant.

Grammarly will correct your spelling, grammar, and beyond. It also tells you when your sentence needs reworking for clarity, which will help you write more concise and coherent papers.

Image from Grammarly

If you can shell out cash, go with Grammarly Premium. You'll get helpful features like serving up rephrasing suggestions, strengthening your vocabulary, and checking for plagiarism.


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