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Manila, Philippines

Pause and Breathe with sabrina manansala

“Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna” The debut single of O/C Records’ first singer-songwriter and spoken word poetry artist - Sabrina Manansala.

Sabrina Manansala is a singer-songwriter, spoken word artist and a busker - now an Odd Creature. She believes in collaboration, merging art forms together and connecting people from different parts of life through the simplicity, honesty and truth of Art and very evident on her debut single, which is a simple yet moving music and spoken word performance that starts with a whisper and subtlety, slowly picking up its momentum and reaching its climax on Sabrina’s powerful and heart wrenching spoken word piece, taking all the emotions, packing it all in, and releasing it with such power, then slowly and surely, it settles into a gentle, comforting breeze once more.

The track was composed by Sabrina Manansala, debuting as a producer is A&R and Busker, Martin Riggs, who is also responsible for the guitar tracks, with additional production from theater actor and director Jef Flores, arranged by Rising Song-Writer, Kenneth Reodica and the CEO of O/C Records and manager of many promising artists, Kean Cipriano, with the Kenneth, also providing the mixing and mastering of the track. The production of the song was done on O/C Records Studio.

Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna, released on all digital platforms on October 22, 2020 under O/C Records, is a reminder to pause, take a breather, and to not rush through life, to let yourself just feel everything for a while and to get moving once again when the right time comes.

Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna by Sabrina Manansala is now out on all digital platforms for those who just want to pause and breathe.

YouTube Link here.

Spotify Link here.


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