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Manila, Philippines

Patty Tiu and Owen Greyson Explore the Depths of Despair with Hanggang Kailan

For her debut release for O/C Records, songwriter, DJ, and producer Patty Tiu takes quite a detour from her usual progressive, powerful routine and goes to slow, brooding territory for her feature with Owen Greyson with Hanggang Kailan, made available on digital platforms for listening on May 21, 2021.

This isn’t your dance floor, power track with hard hitting beats that you will get wasted to while wriggling yourself away til the early morning hours. This song pretty much screams of loneliness and endless despair, tackling it in the most subdued and appropriate way possible. While some hints of Patty Tiu’s production are still there, the low humdrums and the melancholic tones are still the dominant force of this track, which is only further reinforced by Owen Greyson’s deep and subdued vocals.

While it may not be her usual power affair, it doesn’t mean that it skimps on having power talent on board. Both Patty and Owen composed this track of despair, with the former also acting as its producer and arranger and the latter doing recording engineering duties with Mark Thompson, who also acted as the tracks co-producer and mixing and mastering engineer.

Hanggang Kailan by Patty Tiu featuring Owen Greyson is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading streaming platforms for those whose days have been nothing but an endless loop of loneliness and despair.


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