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Manila, Philippines

Patrick Magada poised to make waves with new album 'I Need A Change // I Need to Change'

Patrick Magada

We are no strangers to change. From global pandemic, to new societal systems,

the world has moved on from old cycles...and began something no one has witnessed. Patrick Magada in the few short years experienced the loss of his home through a forest fire, personal heartbreak, and the loss of his beloved grandmother. In his awaited EP “I NEED A CHANGE//I NEED TO CHANGE” he puts in picture the journey of living through your late twenties.

From growing older, to accepting the fragility of life, discovering your true self, and the sacrifice of unconditional love, the nine tracks will surely relate to anyone seeking to become the best version of themselves. The EP is lead with two title tracks: “I’M HAPPIER” which released on August 18th, 2023 and was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines and “YOU DON’T DESERVE ME” which also was picked up for NMF and music video featured on MYX TV Channel.

Patrick Magada is an Oregon based singer-songwriter who was born in the city of Manila, Philippines. In awe, he watched his mother singing in various bars and venues as his path to music was quickly set. Garnering over 900,000 on his song ‘SANTA CRUZ’ Magada’s music has been featured on a commercial by BANK OF AMERICA, and even covered by American Idol finalist Justin Guarini in national event “A Worthwhile Telethon”. He has been featured on Spotify Editorials: New Music Friday Philippines, Fresh Finds Philippines, and The Needle - Emerging and supported by Filipino based media such as WISH 107.5 U.S.A., WE THE PVLIC, and BEAT THIS PHILIPPINES. Magada is set to establish the next generation of music, a fresh new artist to watch for in the coming years.

The EP is set to be supported by Magada’s first headline tour in Manila Philippines The “I’M HAPPIER” Tour will make waves as Magada shares intimate spaces and real life stories from his recent EP “I Need A Change//I Need To Change”.

With themes of realization and hopeful futures, the tour offers a message of self-love, and embracing power from within.


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