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Manila, Philippines

Of Honesty, Heartbreak, And Healing: Superstar juan karlos To Launch Sad Songs And Bullshit Part 1

juan karlos

After nearly three years since his last album launch, singer-songwriter and producer juan karlos is set to release his next heart-wrenching and emotional album, Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1, on September 22, 2023. Highly anticipated in the music scene, the album is a commentary and reflection on love and the loss thereof, and is a testament to juan karlos' passion and skill for creating music that heavily resonates with fans undergoing difficult times.

Coming from the end of a long-term relationship, juan karlos finds comfort in bringing people in, sharing his story, and most importantly, sparking relationships. The album is storytelling at its best, following the story of a persona speaking in a love lost, painfully questioning their

self-worth and breaking down, but ultimately concludes to a reformation and restoration of a renewed man—a renewed juan karlos.

juan karlos On The Story Of Heartbreak

“This album originally started out as a compilation of all the love songs that I made for my then girlfriend whom I gave so much of myself to. [It was] a collection of all the words I wrote and the melodies that came along with it,” shares juan karlos. "But then, things didn't turn out the way I hoped for. The songs started to not make any sense. I went through my most painful heartbreak yet and all the songs for love turned into songs for sadness."

As an artist, juan karlos' journey through heartbreak lies in his music, and the sequence and

arrangement of each song reflects a different stage in his process towards healing.

Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1 follows the theme of the various stages of grief, from heart-wrenching and painful singles such as ERE, may halaga pa ba ko sayo??, to heartwarming ones such as Gabi, a collab track with Zild, and Tapusin Na Natin ‘To with Paolo Benjamin of Ben&Ben. With each track in the musical exposition, grief is explored and is reflected in either the pain or warmth of juan karlos' commanding vocals.

juan karlos

"I went through the whole process of grief. Days passed and months went by in the blink of an eye, and eventually, I reached the point of realizing that I needed to accept it. I needed love for me, from me,” reveals juan karlos of the emotions processed and songs written. "The album is a collection of the different journeys that my heart went through after that huge moment in my life and I feel relieved and excited that I can finally share these songs with you.”

Listen to Sad Songs And Bullshit Part 1 here.


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