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Manila, Philippines

Now H&M's Music X Me takes you into the creative world of Unique Salonga

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Even after continuously making headlines in recent weeks, H&M has managed to stir up yet another exciting announcement for its customers. After setting things in motion with the P-Pop boyband BGYO, they’re continuing the excitement of MUSIC X ME: a platform where Filipinos can shine by way of expressing their music in style, taking inspiration from the artists that make up our rich and diverse OPM scene. And as without fail from the fashion brand, they’ve partnered up with another local artist whose name also happens to embody his one-of-a-kind style and connection to music. Enter Unique Salonga.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Scan through his socials or stream his music and you’ll quickly discover that Unique’s charm is from how he swims against the current when it comes to his creative expressions. In fact, he’s made this even clearer with the release of his recent albums Grandma and Pangalan, pursuing them despite the risk of having an unconventional approach, which in the end evidently paid off.

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Fortunately, his attitude toward his art—unapologetic and real—also translates into his fashion choices, which are best described as eccentric. In his latest photos and clips with H&M, he’s shot in a vintage frame with aesthetic gorpcore edits as the keys of his wardrobe. These pieces, paired with other edgy cuts in earthy colors from the fashion brand’s Edition by Keith Haring collection, sum up Unique’s taste and help capture him in his element. Add to that an exclusive peep at his other artistic medium, visual arts, as featured in his video.

So be it in clothing, in music, or anything out there, what makes Unique commendable is how above all, he chooses to stay true to HIS style. And that’s what makes his formula for success perfectly his: perfectly Unique.

See more of Unique Salonga’s journey as an artist through H&M’s Music X ME here.

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