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Manila, Philippines

Nina reminded us what 'Live' is all about, launches her official YouTube channel

As of this writing, 52K reactions, 87K comments and 1.5M views on Facebook, Nina, took us back in chill nights over two bottles and a night to remember.

Nothing but nostalgic mood sang all throughtout three and half hours on Facebook Live as Nina once again proved and defined what timeless is all about. Giving the fans a Monday night to remember with some of her songs like "Jealous", "Foolish Heart", "Someday" and some covers like "One Hello" and "Driver's License".

With this live gig on social media, music lovers are gathered with a common purpose and showed nothing but love highlighting social media platform's positive impacts. Filipino fans all over the world didn't let the chance pass to enjoy "e-numan sessions" in their own homes sharing their photos of "pulutan" and beer .

If you miss the whole concert as how we will call it or just wanted to re-watch it, view it here.

The singer recently launched her YouTube channel that you can check out here.

The singer is the first Filipina to receive the Diamond Record Award after her “Nina Live!” album sold 220,000 copies.


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