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Manila, Philippines

NICOLAS JULIAN and PARATONE deliver the perfect soundtrack to the viral hit series SQUID GAME

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Photo courtesy of Sony

Mini-mixes and mash-ups on TikTok that have been clicked millions of times, EDM and turn-up sets on Twitch that last for hours - Nicolas Julian from Hamburg is revolutionizing the social media platformsa with his very own DJ definition. Over 700K followers on TikTok and 100K followers on Instagram make him one of the most interesting DJ newcomers out there.

The producer-DJ team Paratone has always drawn inspiration from diverse influences. Now they have picked up on the hit series Squid Game. Paratone don't just play with elements of electronic music. They are also classically trained musicians, and one of their most distinctive skills is mixing electronic and acoustic elements together with ease. With their dance covers, they've managed to gain 500K monthly listeners on Spotify until now.

Photo courtesy of Sony

Now they have managed to wrap the captivating and mysterious atmosphere of the Korean hype series Squid Game into the perfect soundscape. The Korean children song of the opener game “Red Light, Green Light” sung by innocent vocals paired with deep trance beats - a match made in heaven. The highlight: the impressive vocal chorus at the end of the track probably gives every fan of the show real goosebumps!

Squid Game” by Nicolas Julian x Paratone is out now from NITRON music - the dance label of Sony Music Germany!


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