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Manila, Philippines

Newest Hits from Jae K, ILL KAMP Cartel. featuring Jea B., This Band, and more!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Presenting Viva Records' new tracks from Jae K, ILL KAMP Cartel. featuring Jea B., This Band, Kyla Miel Camerong, Zairish Alcasid, MidSummer, and Migo Valid!

1. "Please You" by Jae K


Release Date: April 16

Jae K returns with a head-boppy track entitled “Please You”. Released under WAYBTTR, this track is his first single for this year that talks about recklessly diving into love, lust, and affection for someone regardless of the consequences. Filled with sonic waves and precisely hitting bars, it also vividly portrays the emotion we caress to make someone feel loved or to please a specific significant other.

2. "FebForTin" by ILL KAMP Cartel. featuring Jea B.

Release Date: April 16

ILL KAMP Cartel. returns with their relatable latest single “FebForTin” featuring Jea B. For the artists, the song essentially revolves around seeing your own worth and insecurities that every woman faced during Valentine’s Day. This track serves a comforting message sprinkled with groovy tunes that ILL KAMP Cartel and Jea B. put in their hip-hop track infused with smooth R&B hooks.

3. "Di Sapat Pero Di Tapat (Acoustic)" by This Band

Release Date: April 16

Imbued with its melancholic lyricism, This Band releases the acoustic version of “‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat”. Showcasing the poignant voice of Andrea Manzano and the sentimental words of Euwie Von Loria,This Band stays true to their brand by serving hugot-filled and relatable tracks. “‘Di Sapat Pero Tapat” offers mellow pop tunes that flaunt the aching pain of accepting the sad truth of unrequited love yet one still remains faithful.

4. "Nahidlaw" by Kyla Miel Camerong

Release Date: April 16

The rising Ilonggo artist, Kyla Miel Camerong offers her sheer love of music through “Nahidlaw”. Etched with cherry melodies and her bubbly vocals in crisp, this track simply represents the culture and language of Ilonggos. This showcases also the unique style of Kyla as her track is imbued with plot twist or a sudden change of beat in the middle part of the song.

5. "Wa Ko Gadahom" by Zairish Alcasid

Release Date: April 16

After her successful debut, Zairish Alcasid returns with a heartwarming single, “Wa Ko Gadahom.” Showcasing her sheer love for music, Zairish’s voice in crisps melted her listeners with this new heartfelt work. Her smooth vocals seemingly caressing every verse she patterned into this song. This track also serves as her another acoustic-tinged pop ballad that underpins the joy in unexpectedly finding the person of your dreams.

6. "Tayo Pa Ba" by MidSummer

Release Date: April 16

Hailing in Davao City, Midsummer welcomes you with their melancholic single, “Tayo Pa Ba.” Comprised with Mae Ann, Florence John, John Bryan, John Michael and Fredel, this up-and-coming band offers a relatable song that underpins the painful yearning of couples who are separated by distance. Serving their an Alternative Pop, Rock genre, this track will leave their listeners that somber feelings or a different kind of illness—being love sick.

7. "ah sarado" by Migo Valid

Release Date: April 16

Offering his fresh tunes, Migo Valid welcomes you to his debut single under Viva Records entitled “ah sarado.” Sprinkled with appreciation and romantic excitement, his latest track offers a blend of Alternative Pop and R&B that showcases Migo’s heartwarming voice in crisp. It is also a piece of art that introduced us to his genre that delivers not just cherry melodies but also taking us by hand through every heartbreaking low and fleeting high of being in love.

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