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Manila, Philippines

New Tagalog Track "Kafe" Blends R&B and Pop in Melodious Tale of Coffee Shop Crush

MANILA, Philippines - Love is brewing in the mellow new ballad "Kafe," a collaborative track from Filipino artists Paul Lagac, NICHIMI, and Chill Axe. Set for release on October 15, "Kafe" blends R&B and pop as it tells the story of a coffee shop crush through playtul, cate-inspired lyrics.

Paul Lagac

The narrator daydreams about dating the cute barista, with lines that reference the coffee shop setting like "sa'yo lang naman ako umiinom ng latte" (I only drink lattes for you. The music mirrors his infatuation, with smooth guitar chords and laidback drums giving "Kafe" a chill, lo-fi vibe. Just as the time signature switches up for a sweet surprise, our daydreamer realizes it's all in his imagination as he nods off in the cafe.

"We wanted to capture that experience many people have had of developing a little crush on their favorite barista," said Paul Lagac. "The lyrics play off common coffee shop moments to create a relatable story of longing and infatuation."

With its catchy melodies and charming there, "Kafe" marks the debut of Chill Axe as a singer-rapper and is a steamy and refreshing tune destined to captivate listeners. Fans can pre-save "Kafe" on Spotify ahead of its October 15 release.


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