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Manila, Philippines

Must try: Shanghai Fried Siopao in Ongpin, Binondo

One of our all-time favorite snacks while wandering the busy place of Ongpin, Binondo is a small shop where you can find the famous Shanghai Fried Siopao. It's actually a quaint stall with a sign on top that says "Shanghai Fried Siopao. Each Fried Siopao costs just ₱16 — a huge steal fo us!

After a bite, you wouldn't think that this little bun is fried. They're always hot and fresh when you order; with its dough being light and fluffy, and its meat being just right, Shanghai Fried Siopao is truly divine. This is a perfect merienda snack that you'll never get tired of eating in batches!

Here's their address, in case you want to try:

Shanghai Fried Siopao

Business Address: Corner Ongpin Street and Bahama Street Manila, Metro Manila

Business Hours: 8am-10pm

Payment Options: Cash


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