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Manila, Philippines

Mother’s forthcoming: Denise Julia set to return with mini-album’s lead single ‘B.A.D. Ft. P-Lo’

Independent singer-songwriter Denise Julia is set to release the lead single of her much-anticipated album, ‘B.A.D’ sometime this month. The mother of baddies and situationships aims to showcase a woman confidently taking control of her body and sexuality through this bop.

Denise Julia

Collaborating with US-based rapper P-Lo, the song seamlessly blends elements of hip hop with contemporary R&B, offering listeners the perfect fusion of both genres. Hailing from the Bay Area, P-Lo has become known as a rising star for his catchy raps, energetic production, and smile full of gold teeth.They both share the goal of pioneering Filipino music globally, with the two having listeners worldwide. This evidently made their chemistry sonically undeniable. Denise Julia has also recently collaborated with another international artist, Haven, with a track about moving on from a situationship.

Denise Julia

Speaking of situationships, fans across the world swoon over the budding online romance between Denise and content creator Regie Macalino’s as seen in their ongoing love affair on Tiktok. The pair have been going back and forth with each other ever since Regie used “Butterflies,” one of Denise Julia’s singles from the upcoming album, alleging it was written about him. Evidently, fans have flocked to stream the song on spotify, garnering 60,000 streams per day.

And it is a no-brainer her stans are waiting for mother’s arrival as her unofficial audio snippet of the track now has over 10,000 posts under it. The response has been overwhelming and Denise Julia is nothing but grateful and excited to bless everyone with her baddie bops. The international artist has a lot of plans for the rollout, including an independently produced music video in the works. Miss modern day filipina strives everyday to represent the small little morena kikays who have nothing but ambition to make something out of themselves.

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