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Manila, Philippines

mikee misalucha makes you sing "lalala"

Singer-songwriter Mikee Misalucha is back with another single, "LaLaLa" where it talks about having confused feelings towards someone who is good-looking but is so full of himself.

After her recent releases about heartbreaks this year, she finally shares a song that would actually make you dance and feel sassy while thinking about your "crush" whom you might not actually like.  But looks can be very deceiving that’s why you couldn’t help but feel “kilig” when you see that person. But then again, the message Mikee wants to give out in this song is that personality is everything. Good looks are just a plus.

The process of making the song was fun but very difficult because of quarantine and since there’s very little to no human interaction. Everything was done virtually. From recording the song to shooting the music video, everything was done through video call. Mikee recorded her vocals inside her room while having a video call with producer, Vince Lucero. He was guiding her through everything while she was recording/engineering her vocals. For the music video, it was the same process. Mina Aglipay, the creative director and Mikee shot the MV through video call. Mina also guided Mikee through the process of the shoot. From camera angles to the production set. She had to do everything physically through the creative director’s guidance.

"LaLaLa" is now available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and in all digital platforms under Viva Records!

Lyric video here.

Spotify link here.


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