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Manila, Philippines

Martin Riggs Wakes Up to Sorrowful Mornings with his Latest Single 'Umaga'

There are mornings on which we absolutely look forward to waking up, jumping out of bed, and starting the day with a smile on our faces and then there are those dreaded days that we would rather let pass and spend on our beds staring into nothingness.

Singer-songwriter and busker Martin Riggs depicts the latter for his latest release Umaga, released on leading digital platforms on March 24, 2021 under O/C Records, a sorrowful lullaby about the nights full of torment and waking up to days full of dread.

The melancholic track is a slow humdrum of low beats, restrained guitar work, and Martin’s subdued vocals, as if whispering to himself how the dreadful days and tormenting nights have been going so slowly, each day he has to face the same thing all over again. It’s rather light, sorrowful production and straight to the point musings on the draining nature of daily living only serve to bring home the point that just because you’re seeing nothing from a person, it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to worry about through their days.

Martin Riggs composed and produced the track, with Franco Neo Recasata providing the arrangement, mixing, and mastering of the song while Cean Jr. acts as its recording engineer and providing additional vocal mixing for the record. The wonderful cover art for it was provided by his US based close friend Norman Benedict Malijan.

Umaga by Martin Riggs is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for those days you simply dread to face over and over again.

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