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Manila, Philippines

Mark Thompson and Owen Greyson on the story behind their new track, ‘Eyes On You’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

DJ/producer and reigning Red Bull Music 3Style Philippine Champion, Mark Thompson, and independent singer-songwriter, Owen Greyson, collaborate for a brand new track, ‘Eyes On You’.

Released last January 7 via O/C Records, Eyes On You talks about giving importance to things and people that matter the most — a track that brings a powerful punch on showing appreciation to our most valuable.

In an interview with Mark and Owen, the artists shared more about the meaning behind this track, the challenges they faced in its production which allowed them to grow as musicians, and why the release of this single prompts a fresh record in the OPM scene.

TNH: How is Eyes On You different from your previous releases? What something new can it offer to your listeners?

Mark: We’re moving into a new era, everything is going towards crypto and the metaverse. We wanted this new collection of music to look and feel the same way. Fresh, exciting and a merging of two worlds.
Owen: This song offers a mix of R&B, Electronic Dance Music, Trap and Synthwave, a combination that is yet to be explored in an OPM song. Its visual aspect offers an experience of being inside a place from a fictional world.

TNH: As the message of this track leans more towards the value of giving importance to the things and people around us, how important is it for you guys to send out such reminder to your listeners?

Mark: EYES ON YOU is a promise. To keep working towards the things you want to do in life. "People like to throw rocks at things that shine" - don't let it break you. EYES ON YOU is a vow to keep pursuing, exploring, and to live life.
Owen: It is very important to me that Eyes On You could touch listeners' hearts and become a lifetime reminder for them to give importance to what matters to them the most.

TNH: For Owen, you mentioned that you first intended the lyrics to be about your future partner, but it ended up being about your mom — describing your feelings about her. Now that you have expressed such emotions through this track, how did it affect you as an individual and as a musician?

Owen: It gave me room to grow as a songwriter. I accepted that change is constant and learned to adapt. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my mom and that drove me in that direction. It is really important to write and sing from the heart.

TNH: For Mark, you mentioned that it was a challenge for you to develop the instrumental that would fit Owen’s vocals and perfectly mix both your vision for this track, driving you both to adapt to some changes in terms of the musical approach. What did you learn/discover about yourself as a producer because of this experience?

Mark: As a producer I've definitely grown a lot. A huge part about working with others is putting your ego aside for the betterment of the song. At the same time not selling out your vision to (TRY) and make a hit. We’re here to make music that will stand the test of time. Keeping that idea in mind is what helped push me as a music producer. I believe Electronic Dance Music has energy like no other, so I wanted to put that feeling into the records Owen and I created.
It really was a challenge for me to approach it that way. But it pushed both of us as artists to adapt and change. We made a lot of tweaks from the original version. But I am happy we ended up here.

TNH: You guys have been working together for Project Moonman, but how was it working together for this track?

Mark: Project Moonman is a childhood dream fulfilled. But it is also my side project from my real profession. Music Production & DJing is what I do. I'm just lucky O/C Records was brave enough to allow a DJ to start an (Experimental Rock Band) from scratch and allow me to just create. EYES ON YOU is different because Owen and I are in our element. To tell you the truth, I have no business singing behind the mic. Owen is the real writer and singer. I'm really a Music Producer/DJ at heart and that's where I shine.
The collection of music you're about to hear is for the misfits, the troublemakers, the emotional & the ones who think differently. You can sing to it, dance to it, hate it or love it! If you fit in this category, welcome to the Club!
Owen: Project Moonman is Mark's brainchild. He wanted to do something different and experimental. I'm glad to be a part of it as I can contribute my talent in vocals and songwriting.
Working with Mark for Eyes On You is unlike any other. Our approach on making Eyes On You is also different as the vocals came first before the instrumental. Mark is a great producer and he knows what sound would best fit my vocals. We both pushed each other to do our best.
Mark and I wanted to provide music that people can experience, something they could relate to. This one is for those who are not afraid to be different.

Eyes On You is available on all leading digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. This release marks the launch of a three-series single, and the following tracks will be released soon.


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