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Manila, Philippines

There's something 'Bago' with Autotelic

Let’s set back the clock back a year, to a random Friday night, work was winding down and you might’ve been wrapping up a long week at the office. If you were the type that welcomed the weekend by going to a gig, you would have most likely found yourself in the midst of an Autotelic set. While enjoying the energy of the scene and the company of fellow music fans, there, you would experience the band serving up cocktails of playful melodies spiked with heart-wrenching yet relatable lyrics. It is that very signature mixture that has earned them their place in the hearts of audiences as one of the most beloved OPM Alternative-Pop Rock bands of this generation.

The band has since evolved from their whimsical chemistry from their debut platinum album “Papunta, Pabalik”, to adding a new wave flavor found in their “Takipsilim” EP, then to their most recently served high-gravity single “Ikaw”. This time around, the band offers audiences with a generously composed, six-minute introspective with “Bago”.

“Bago” touches on how expectations for the future don’t always pan out according to how we might have hoped they would, how the present reality of it turned out, and ultimately embracing acceptance in order to continue moving forward. Feelings of nostalgia and vulnerability have been delicately tuned into the song’s arrangement to achieve a balanced emotional delivery across each of the band members in its intricately crafted melody. Audiences are in for a tall glass of sentiment with “Bago” which is portioned at just the right amount to take it all in. Autotelic’s new single will hit every major streaming platform on November 6, 2020.

Music Link to “Bago”:

About Autotelic:

Autotelic is a Metro Manila based Filipino Alternative-Pop Rock band formed in 2012. The band’s talent is comprised of Josh Villena (composer, vocalist and guitars), Neil Tin (guitars), Kai Honasan-del Rio (keytar and backing vocals), EJ Edralin (synthesizer), Timothy "Pabs" Vargas (bass), and Gep Macadaeg (drums and samples). Autotelic has earned a significant dedicated audience for their catchy melodies and relatable narratives found in their songs. In the local live scene, the band is known as one of the most consistently active and never fails to add even more to their following after every set. Having performed alongside international artists the likes of Chvrches, Last Dinosaurs, Kimbra, Dishwalla, and Oh Wonder to name a few, they have also as played at major local music festivals such as Wanderland and Rakrakan.

Upon signing with MCA Music in 2016, they released their first Platinum certified album “Papunta Pabalik” featuring hit songs “Laro”, “Gising” and “Languyin”. They have also been one of the chosen local artists to take part in Coke Studio Philippines’s first season alongside Filipino music icon Ebe Dancel as well as other OPM greats Sandwich, Urbandub and Franco. In 2017, they were awarded the Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist at that year’s Awit Awards, the country's premier music award ceremony. The band continues their musical journey through different styles as heard through their 5-track EP “Takipsilim” in October 2018 followed by their emotionally intensive single “Ikaw” in earlier months of 2020. Prepare your heart for even more music the band as they will be releasing more additions for your playlists in the coming year.

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