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Manila, Philippines

LJ Reyes: A Black and White Retrospective

Photo courtesy of LJ Reyes Facebook Page

Looking at a person and their situation can be viewed in different angles. Looking at what is visible by the eye up to jumping into assumptions based on what is fed to us. For us, we look at it in black and white.

Born on Christmas, Lourna Jane Pujeda Reyes started her career in one of the pillars in Philippines' reality show by GMA, Starstruck. On its second season, LJ ranked as one of the "Final Four" and the rest is history.

She then became one of the network's sought after upcoming actresses with a series of shows lined up for her. "Now and Forever: Mukha" was the beginning of things to come for LJ. She was also seen on the dance floor with fellow Starstuck winners, Ryza Cenon, Mark Herras, Marky Cielo among others. Supporting roles have all been golden for her.

Lead roles came in shortly. From being a villain in Zaido to becoming one of the leading ladies in Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita. Soon, Una Kang Naging Akin happened where Reyes earned praise by critics for her outstanding performance which led to her rising to stardom.

She was recognized as 'Best Supporting Actress' in Cinemalaya 2010 for 'The Leaving' and eventually banking her 'Best Actress' award for 'Ang Anino Sa Likod ng Buwan' in 39th Gawad Urian Awards.

The FHM era

FHM magazine December 2009

FHM being the biggest magazine publication of the 2000s, LJ Reyes deserved to be in the cover not only once, but thrice. Gracing the cover for December 2009, she began adding more titles to her belt. Being a consistent part of the publication's sexiest, LJ once again is in the cover just years after she gave birth to her first born.

FHM magazine February 2013

She was then seen one more time in the covers of FHM for the magazine's special edition, 'Celebrity Diaries' among other celebrities in the said issue.

The Entreprenuer Mom

Transitioning from her time being in front of a camera to a mom for two of her kids, LJ started to venture into a number of businesses. She started Wonder Jane PH, a brand that encourages you to #BeYourOwnHero. As a mom, she values products that make everyday living easy and convenient for all members of the family– and Wonder Jane is her way of sharing her vision of bringing out the superhero that’s in all of us.

You can check the website here.

She also ventured into Smart Mommy App also known as MApp. Living by their mantra, "Conquering Motherhood with a Tap!", a useful and simple-to-use mobile app designed for all moms BY moms! It's motherhood made easy!

A person's perspective of another individual is nothing compared to how we value ourselves. Every person in our society has their own value. A value that sometimes we tend to underrate ourselves by how others might treat us. But if you look deeper, down to the person's core, you see a hue. A hue that only that person can bring into this society. A Mom, an actress, an entrepreneur, a cover girl, a performer and all the multiple hats she wears, LJ Reyes is a hue worth keeping.


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