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Manila, Philippines

listen now: 'Uyayi' just in time for the halloween

A way to end this spooky month is by listening to this new track, "Uyayi" by singer-songwriter and Open Door Artist, Mikee Misalucha released under Viva Records. "Uyayi" is a fusion of pop, electronica, and folk infused with cinematic orchestration. The song talks about a loving mother who has emotional conflict with her child who is an aswang, an evil shapeshifting monster in Filipino folklore. But despite the child’s frightening form, the mother still shows her love by singing her monster child to sleep thus the title of the song Uyayi which means lullaby in Filipino. Mikee originally composed this song for a horror movie also entitled Uyayi. Unfortunately, the movie got canceled but Mikee, with the help of producer, Karlo Maglasang and orchestra arranger, Joaquin Santos, were able to come up with the idea to release the song as single this October 2020 to match the Halloween themed month. Uyayi is now available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and in all digital platforms!


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