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Manila, Philippines


Photo Courtesy of Roselle Vytiaco

As the saying says, sometimes everything comes better when unplanned. Come and let's find out how some things have a better result when unplanned by introducing the life of Roselle Vytiaco as a Commercial Model.

Roselle Anne Marie P. Vytiaco or better known as Roselle Vytiaco is a 23-year-old influencer and commercial model from Antipolo City, Philippines. Roselle started as a commercial model way back in 2017 when she was in 3rd year in College. She was brought to an audition by her cousin once and was introduced to an agent. It was also that time when she started to be an influencer. After she graduated from college, she took commercial modeling as a full-time job. From then until now, being a commercial model is her job. She planned on being a full-time commercial model for a year and have an actual job after. But then she decided to pursue it after a year's break being an artist.

Roselle enjoys doing commercials and it's something that she's really passionate about since she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She said that even if she does not have experience with an actual job, she got to use what she studied back in College but not as a staff in production, but as their talent. She knows that being a commercial model is not a stable job. There will be no guarantee that you will be given a project even once a month. Being in a job such as Commercial Model is like a gamble for her. There's always a 50/50 chance and that's one of the things she likes about being a commercial model. There's a probability that out of 10 View Through Rate (VTR), she'll have the chance to get 1. According to Roselle, she's an amateur in this industry compared to her co-models but she's trying her best to learn from the people she will get to work with, and she's very observant, that's why she feels that it's easy to do every task she gets. She feels that she's being like a different person every time she gets to act in commercials, she likes it that she discovered a new talent she never thought she could have.

Being in the Entertainment Industry, as there are many talents doing commercials, there is huge competition. Being in this industry, people need to learn how to handle rejection. And since the VTR are in Makati because most of the agencies are located there, it was never an issue for her. From Antipolo City to Makati City every day, looking for a VTR, she realized that she really likes what she's doing.

Her first commercial was for a multivitamins brand and her role as a cheerleader. It was a good experience for her, she get to know different kinds of models, clients, and agents. She had no idea how much her talent fee was when she received her contract. When she received her talent fee, she was surprised. Being a model in a commercial pays a good amount of money. When the commercial was released on Television, she does not appear there. But the good thing about it was she was still paid even though she's not seen in the commercial. Since the talent fee for a Commercial Model pays well, she pursued it to help pay for her tuition fee back then and to buy her needs and wants without asking from her parents.

"I also experienced getting underpaid and may mga manloloko pa rin talaga sa industry namin especially for freelance models like me. That's why I tried to learn everything, like how the industry works so I know what to do just in case something unfortunate happens to me."

Since Roselle is a comm arts graduate, her heart is close to production people. She loves seeing the whole process and it's actually inspired her to start vlogging. She wanted to show her audience the people that are also deserving of recognition in every commercial we see on Television. Working as a commercial model, she gained not only experiences but also friends that she consider her family. When she hears what production will make the commercial, she already knows who will she work with. every time she will get approved, she will bring a suman and kasoy since she's from Antipolo.

Roselle loves documentaries and indie films, reasons why she wanted to be a filmmaker and documentarist. She wants to try acting for indie films but she said that it's a different industry so she'll still have to learn how it works and she also wants to be part of the production. Before she get into College, she wanted to be a Director. But when she get into college, that's when she realized her forte in writing. She's in creative writing such as short films, drama anthologies, music videos, and more. But if it's in production, she'd like to be an assistant director. She didn't pursue any of those since she's still undecided what job she wants back then and commercials are still in her heart. She couldn't think of a job that she'll enjoy as much as she enjoys commercials.

She has had many commercials from 2017 to this year, it includes Block & White, Downy, McDonald's, Palmolive, SkinWhite, Whisper, Samsung, and more.

"Commercial, it's my craft. Like I'm always saying, it's something I never thought I could do. It's actually feels like I've been doing this for a long time and it makes me feel good about myself. I can't say that I'm a shy persion but, my mind works creatively and differently na kahit ako nagugulat sa kaya kong gawin like on how I will execute the character, how will I connect to my co-models sa scenes. Just like an artist, it's like my way of expressing art."

If you're interested in working with Roselle and support her, here are her social media links and youtube channel link:


Instagram: @rosellevytiaco



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