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Manila, Philippines

kyleaux and k1ko collaborate for new single, "gusto kita"

Rising independent artists kyleaux and k1ko team up to grace the music landscape today with their newest drop, "gusto kita," released on Friday, July 28.

gusto kita delivers a piece infused with the right amount of energetic beat, dreamy tunes, and complementing ambient waves — a record shaped to introduce a transcendent sound for everyone grailing to set in motion breezy vibrations.

Written by kyleaux, gusto kita was penned to chronicle a "dream-like" situation with a significant someone, which whimsically flourished into an avenue for the artist to express various pent-up emotions.

"Wrote this song a couple of months ago about a girl I seemed to like, and it truly inspired me to write about myself in this certain "dream-like" situation with her," says kyleaux.

Kyleaux & K1ko

He adds, "The lyrics of the song describe the feeling of being in love and most probably infatuated towards someone they are crushing on."

Immensely inspired by underground UkG and electro-R&B tunes, as well as the

both artists to delicately establish their versatility and prowess to integrate diverse music into their own sound.

kyleaux shares, "This track was completely different from what I usually make and was definitely out of my comfort zone, but once | figured out how this certain style/genre works, already knew what I wanted to do and incorporate my own as much as possible. I simply want the audience to realize that this is still kyleaux but in another form where I continue to expand my sound and versatility.

As for k1ko, modifying his artistic vision to emerge new sound structures filled with his authentic style and genre inspirations played a significant role in producing this record.

He says, "I had to rewire my imagination to channel all of those and infuse it to my own style, and I think that the most important thing for me in making this happen was constantly just trying to think of different sections and subti moments where I'd imagine myself as the listener and be like "that's cool I wanna try to do that too."

The making of the record brews type of artists that brings something new to the table. A load that many might not consider as something listeners are charmed to savor.

gusto kita set forth a scene stealer record. Its release marks a trailblazing launch of UKG tunes in the OPM landscape — rendering impeccable beat switches that work flawlessly.

Composed and produced by kyleaux and k1ko, mixed and mastered alongside Never Paco, gusto kita is now out on digital music platforms for everyone to consume.

Spotify Link to the song:


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