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Manila, Philippines

Kristel Fulgar Releases New Single “Never Close Enough’ For Her Birthday

Kristel Fulgar

MANILA, Philippines– While currently in South Korea, Kristel Fulgar’s single release is fully underway. On her birthday, December 29, Kristel dropped her new single titled ‘Never Close Enough’ on various streaming platforms, marking her first release in two years. 

The song was self-produced by Kristel and co-written with Ysabelle Cuevas, a singer, songwriter, and arranger who also shares a real-life friendship with her.

“This is my first-ever self-written song, and I feel incredibly fulfilled as a singer. It’s a huge achievement for me and the best birthday gift I can give myself,” Kristel shares.

The Filipino singer, actress, and vlogger, known for her Korean feel-good content, took a different approach with this song, revealing a deeper side of herself. Kristel describes it as a song about "moving forward in life without any worries or regrets.”

Meanwhile, fans showed their love and support for the artist. Comments such as “This song is so beautiful, like right people at the right time but never destined” and “I found a healing place in your voice”, reflected their sentiments.


‘Never Close Enough’ strikes a chord with its hard-hitting, heart-breaking lyrics: “Stars won’t align just because we wished for it” and “'Even from miles away, I’d still be happy for you,” which Kristel shares as her favorite lines.

When asked about her plans following her single release, Kristel responded, “I’ll just continue doing what I do–creating more vlogs while I’m in Korea and sharing more content.” She adds, “I’m always open to any opportunities that come my way”.

Never Close Enough’ is out now on all digital music platforms.


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