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Manila, Philippines

Kenaniah talks about the story behind newest single, ‘Bahala Na’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Rising singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kenaniah drops his latest single, ‘Bahala Na,’ on Wednesday, July 27.

Published under O/C Records, Kenaniah's latest track explores the concept of relying on fate when it comes to love.

The record's narrative highlights the artist’s romantic sitch in a contemporary environment — pondering if pursuing someone he stumbled upon online would be worthwhile in the long run.

In an exclusive interview with Kenaniah, he shared more about the story behind his newest alternative pop record, how the music from the 80s and 90s greatly influenced the production of the song, why he aims to convey the message of not falling for someone one barely knows, and more.

TNH: The narrative of the song springs from your experience of contemplating if pursuing someone you admire would be worthy in the end. Talk us through the process of crafting this single. What prompted you to tell such story through your music?

Kenaniah: So it all started with this girl I saw on social media. She was nice. So I thought maybe I should follow her and maybe she would follow me back. But then I realized, "Is it worth it? Am I really sure about this? Am I ready to pursue another girl?" In fact, I don't even know where she lives. And I'm like, "Oh well. Bahala na." So that's where I got the idea.

TNH: What are other inspirations along the journey that greatly influenced the overall production of Bahala Na?

Kenaniah: This song was also inspired by some of my favorite music that I used to listen to when I was in high school and some of my favorite 90s storytelling songs.

TNH: The track exhibits your knack for arranging alternative pop tunes. What can you share about the creative process of this record in terms of its sonic arrangement?

Kenaniah: Producing this track was really exciting because back then, when I got the idea, I knew that this song was gonna be something that I would really like because it gives me the same feeling that my influences give me. Music-wise, every element came out of the blue, but this song was inspired by some of my musical interests back in the 80s, and early 90s, as I said. So if you're going to focus on the lyrics themselves, the song tells a story.

TNH: What do you aim to convey to your listeners through this track?

Kenaniah: Do not fall for someone whom you don't really know that well or you may probably end up hurt.

TNH: How do you think this record differs from your previous releases? What distinct feature/s are you offering to your listeners through this track?

Kenaniah: Bahala Na is a little different from my previous releases since it talks about being in love. It is surely more painful to be in love with somebody who doesn’t know you or that you even exist. While my previous releases are about being sad and broken from a relationship.

TNH: After producing the record, how do you think this single influenced your artistry?

Kenaniah: This track influenced my artistry through the elements, the melody, and the overall musicality, which gives a more distinct Kenaniah trademark that I hope listeners will enjoy too, like my other songs.

Bahala Na (cover art)

Bahala Na appears to take quite another route as the record puts a spotlight on another standpoint of being in love. His previous releases, such as Hindi Ikaw, which

has garnered over 500k streams, and Better Now, amassing over 400k streams, bring more highlight to the notion of “being sad and broken from a relationship.”

With its distinct and captivating musical techniques, this latest track underlines Kenaniah’s elevating approach to the OPM scene that deem to pursue the introduction of the young artist’s artistic stamp.

You can now stream Bahala Na on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The official visualizer is also available on O/C Records' YouTube channel.


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