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Manila, Philippines

Kenaniah explores what it’s like loving the wrong one in new single ‘Hindi Ikaw’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Rising singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Kenaniah, launched his debut single under O/C Records, ‘Hindi Ikaw,’ accompanied by an official lyric visualizer and music video.

Hindi Ikaw tackles what it's like loving the wrong one and the difficulty embedded in the process of ending such relationship. The title of the track captures a “painful phrase” — much like an encapsulation to the heartrending narrative of the song.

"Hindi Ikaw is about being in love with the wrong person, and it talks about how difficult it is for one to move on when such relationship comes to an end," he shares.

In an interview with Kenaniah, the artist shared the story behind his single: how stories from friends and being young and impulsive influenced the making of the track, the message behind its narrative, what people can expect from his music now that he has signed under a record label, and more.

TNH: Within a year, you have flourished as one rising artist in the music scene today; how do you feel about making your debut release under O/C Records?

Kenaniah: It feels awesome po talaga because I was just doing this out of boredom and di ko po talaga in-expect na darating ako sa point na makakapag-sign din ako sa isang record label, especially OC Records! Isa din ito sa mga label na ni-lolook ko before as an artist and I'm really grateful to be a part of this label.

TNH: Hindi Ikaw talks about loving the wrong person and the difficulty embedded in ending such relationship. What inspired you to tell this story through your music?

Kenaniah: Inspired yung song by my friends and some of my personal experiences rin na being young and falling in love impulsively with the wrong person. So naisip ko s’yang gawin na song because I know na there are people na makaka-relate dito sa ganitong situation.

TNH: What message do you want to convey to your listeners through this track?

Kenaniah: Huwag magmadali sa isang relationship kung hindi ka pa handa para hindi ka rin mahirapan mag-move on.

TNH: You have a distinct way of striking your listeners with your notable indie-pop tunes; What can you share about the overall sonic arrangement of Hindi Ikaw?

Kenaniah: So this song was supposed to be a happy-vibe type of song until I realised na "what if this song was like a mellow touch 80's song?" since mahilig din ako sa old classic songs, then ayun! It turned out really well naman.

TNH: Hindi Ikaw has been previously shared with your listeners. Now releasing the track under O/C Records, are there any changes you have made that your listeners should watch out for?

Kenaniah: Yes! Please keep streaming "Hindi Ikaw" kasi may music video na ilalabas ito soon! Abangan niyo nalang!

TNH: You produced, directed, and edited the official visualizer of this track. What can you share about the journey? What was your inspiration behind it?

Kenaniah: So since nasa bahay lang ako and wala akong bandmates, gumawa nalang ako ng clone ng sarili ko. Nakilala rin ako sa mga clone videos na pino-post ko on my social media. So ayun, Sir Kean [Cipriano] and Sir Martin Riggs thought na it would be a good idea if gawin kong visualizer ‘yung clones.

TNH: The official music video will also be released soon. What can you share about the official MV that people should watch out for?

Kenaniah: So this is my first upcoming music video kaya super excited na ako! And kakaiba ito sa mga content na nakikita nyo sakin kasi this time nasa beach ako.

TNH: Now that you’re officially one of the odd creatures of O/C Records, what can we expect from Kenaniah in the coming months?

Kenaniah: More songs, music videos, and more odd contents para sainyo!

Hindi Ikaw (cover art)

From posting striking covers and originals on various social media platforms, the Lipa-based artist captivates people of all ages with his distinct take on indie-pop tunes. Now making his debut release as a recording artist after a year of making a mark on multiple mediums with his notable flair, Kenaniah asserts putting up purposeful content.

Starting off with the release of his single, Hindi Ikaw, which was accompanied by a lyric visualizer directed and produced by Kenaniah himself, and an official music video directed by ER Alvin with Kean Cipriano as the creative producer.

You can stream Hindi Ikaw on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The official lyric visualizer is available via O/C Records YouTube channel. The music video will be out soon.


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