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Manila, Philippines

Kean Cipriano Drops Smooth, Dedication Track - Make Me Fly

On September 16, singer-songwriter and Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano released his third solo single Make Me Fly, a smooth, alternative and jazz driven dedication track, under O/C Records.

The song is about that one person whom, to put it mildly, we simply can’t live without, that one precious

someone who was there to lift us up when we’re down and when we want to achieve our dreams, the one who happens to be that dream and now, who makes our reality so much better.

For a borderline cheesy, love of my life style dedication track, it sure made an unusual choice of fusing the usual alternative rock staple for these kind of songs with the more recently prevalent smooth, jazzy sound usually reserved for more erotic, heavily romantic driven songs but somehow, manages to make it work into a smooth, chill, calming love song that doesn’t sound too cheesy or fall into the equally trendy and widespread sad boy-ish, indie pop sound. It hits just right and delivers where it should while delivering a sound that’s unique to this kind of track.

Make Me Fly by Kean Cipriano is now out on all digital platforms, which is dedicated for those who have been with us from our lowest lows to our highest flights to the sky.

Here's the link for the music video:

Here's the spotify link:


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