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Manila, Philippines

KathNiel Supports - Singer-Songwriter Adie with his Debut Tear-jerker Single “Luha”

Adie took it to Instagram to express his gratitude to Kathyrn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Thankyou for being one of my first live audience of my first single "LUHA". Surreal feeling... Imagine them watching me singing my originals tapos appreciating it ng sobra aaaaaa grabe i can say na my best Performance so far 🤘🏼 “ - The Rising Singer-Songwriter said.

He also posted a video of KathNiel calling out on their fans to support Adie:

Known for his viral, homey covers of some of the most popular hit songs, musician and singer-songwriter Adie now takes his talents to the next, heartbreaking level as he just released his debut single and first original song Luha on November 16, 2020, under O/C Records.

The tear jerking, emotional track is about a person who lost their special someone and desperately hopes that the memories they made together will bring them back to their arms.

His debut release largely anchors itself on its simplistic, homey production, which seems to be a hark back to the room covers that made him so popular, resulting in a more scratchy, heavily reverbed track that forgoes a clean, polished recording for something that sounds a bit more raw and literally closer to home due to the very nature of its production.

The song is mostly simplistic and stripped, with only his own, subdued, multilayered vocal work and keys from Franz Sacro accompanying him all throughout the track. Speaking of his vocals, along with the sheer emotions from the single, it’s the one responsible for doing the heavy lifting and the heavy hitting for the song, with both of these riding low for most of the time and then shooting up all the way up high and then quickly going the opposite end, towards the abysmal depths, making for a chill yet emotional roller coaster ride.

The composition and recording of Luha was done by him in the comforts of his own home, with him responsible for the track’s arrangement alongside Kean Cipriano, who also served as the song’s producer. The final mixing and mastering of the track was done by Hazel Pascua.

Luha by Adie is now out on all digital platforms for those still hoping to recover and recover from a relationship they’ve lost and for those who are looking for a good dose of hugot to accompany their heartbreaks.


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