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Manila, Philippines

Kantar Marketplace welcomes Filipino brands and creatives

Photo courtesy of Kantar

For businesses, being on top of the competition means being the first to respond to market messages and choices. But despite the rapid rate innovation evolves in, no perfect technology yet can cover and interpret the vast consumer data that changes every minute.

An abundance of choice, new demands from changing landscapes, and fragmented audience from digital democracy and content freedom make it hard for marketers to target and hit the right audience. To see patterns that others can’t yet, capitalize on opportunities faster than anyone else, and make better and faster decisions that grow one’s brand give business agility.

On Wednesday, March 23rd, Kantar Philippines launched Welcome to the Era of Agile Market Research. The one-hour webinar introduced Kantar Marketplace, Kantar’s top-of-the-line turnkey market research platform that employs expert use of agile solutions to transform data into actionable insights. Kantar Marketplace enables brands and partners to have instant access to a wealth of insight and validated expert solutions, all in one easy-to-use, high-in-tech, quick turnaround, and cost-effective platform. Industry leaders, creatives, and media agencies attended the webinar wanting to build their competitive edge through this innovation.

Data-driven insights at your fingertips

“Kantar is thinking, what if it hands over its platform to you so that you can run your own in just a few clicks?” Marian Villanueva, Kantar Philippines Insights Division’s Head of Marketplace, introduced how data-driven insights can be at your fingertips through the new automated market research platform.

President of Kantar Philippines and Managing Director of Insights Division Gary de Ocampo emphasized the role of Kantar in beginning the era of agile marketing.

“Kantar was the first to launch full-blast our automated market research platform – Kantar Marketplace. Because even before the pandemic, we already foresaw that agile automated research would be the future. And it is indeed here now.”

Photo courtesy of Kantar

The speakers also stressed how Kantar Marketplace opens the avenue for the world’s best-in-class solutions for brand communication, media strategy, and product concept development. This begins the discussion about the different solutions available in the platform that everyone can utilize conveniently and most effectively.

Solutions that identifies and optimizes potential

Galex Cabrera, Kantar Philippines Insights Division’s Head of Innovation, presented Concept eValuate – Kantar’s validated solution that screens, optimizes, and nurtures a concept at every step of the journey.

“Concept eValuate identifies concepts with the most top-line growth potential while providing guidance on how to optimize them to maximize growth. And you are able to do all of these with cost and time efficiency in mind,” Cabrera explained.

Concept eValuate allows one to understand the trial and growth potential of one’s concepts to find the kind of attention it is sitting on. The process is made possible by diagnostic modules that the solution utilizes: Core Concept Highlighter, Likes and Dislikes, Imagery, Brand Impact, and Intuitive Associations.

Photo courtesy of Kantar

The following discussion focused on Link AI, a tool leveraging AI technology to test creatives and effectively drive saliency and profitability.

“Link AI is a state-of-the-art perpetually trained platform that will reliably predict your ads in market’s success. This, it can do in 15 minutes without consumer sample.”

Marian Villanueva returns to present the technology emphasizing Kantar’s repository of ad knowledge used to train the machine – 215,000 ads and over 30 million interviews globally fed into the database to predict the success of creatives and advertisements.

Photo courtesy of Kantar

Villanueva showed how the machine interprets an input by decomposing it to feature even the tiniest elements of an ad, create a model out of it, and predict the outcome of how strongly it will perform. The talk also summarized the wide use of Link AI – from testing competitor ads, batch testing, global testing, full coverage screening, versioning, and up to testing confidential ad concepts.

Self-serve and easy to navigate

Across the talks, participants are encouraged to book a demo at their own convenient time with links to the service flashed on the screen.

Rig Bayani, Kantar Philippines’ Business Development Manager, also gave thorough self-serve dashboard demos for Concept eValuate and Link AI, demonstrating how easy launching and interpreting results can be with these Kantar Marketplace solutions.

Photo courtesy of Kantar

To begin your journey with Kantar Marketplace, one needs to follow three key steps. (1) Attend a Kantar Marketplace Self-serve demo, (2) choose a self-serve package and sign up a contract, and once done, (3) Kantar will set up an accreditation training session for five team members to help your company maximize the functions that you can get out of the platform.

Agile in more ways than one

Kantar Marketplace jumpstarts the era of agile marketing for brands and creatives, offering solutions that eliminate the compromise between time, budget, and quality of insights through automated market research. Not only has it opened the possibility of self-serve solutions churning out powerful insights through verified audiences, but it also offers intuitive self-serve dashboards and expert consulting that prioritizes understanding people and inspiring brand growth.

“Over the coming years, you will also see our equally best in class brand strategy, brand guidance, customer experience, and commerce tools on the platform powered by cutting-edge analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning.” Gary de Ocampo promised.

For those who missed the webinar, you can register to watch it on demand here. Be sure to use your business email to sign up for the request. You can also book a personal demo here.


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