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Manila, Philippines

Joshua Feliciano and Amanda Zhou talks about feelings that grow stronger in latest single, ‘Deeper’

It’s true, nothing can really stop an artist from creating. The striking long-distance collaboration between Joshua Feliciano and Amanda Zhou verified how one way or another, art will always find its way to beam.

‘Deeper’ released last June 25th was written and composed by two artists, across the miles, linked through a digital encounter.

Coming after the release of his EP published under Viva Records, entitled '(the things i do) For Love', Joshua Feliciano, a Filipino singer-songwriter and a Viva Records artist based in Manila, collaborated with Amanda Zhou, a singer-songwriter from Canada, to produce another record — ‘Deeper’.

This track is carved in a mellow and harmonious mix of synth and authentic instruments, arranged in a subtle and slow-moving build-up that compliments the narrative of the piece — a love that grows stronger and deeper each day.

“This song is all about expressing both person’s feelings without the other knowing, which in turn made their feelings go deeper and stronger,” Joshua explains.

Published by Viva Records, produced by Rogelio Feliciano Jr., arranged and mastered by Joshua Feliciano, ‘Deeper’ is out and ready for streaming.

You can stream the track on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other digital music platforms. The official lyric video is out on Viva Records’ YouTube channel.

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Kayli Allen
Kayli Allen
07 de jul. de 2021

Hi Denise! Thank you for featuring Joshua and Amanda!

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