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Manila, Philippines

Independent R&B artist Bugs captures a transition of dark emotions in newest single, 'BRENT'

Independent Filipino R&B singer-songwriter, Bugs, launches his newest record, 'BRENT' –– a track that illustrates the bleaking intensity and transition of dark emotions anchored in a post-relationship break-up.

BRENT exhibits a record that touches on the in-depth emotions of regrets, anger, resentment, acceptance, and more, deep-rooted on the innermost mantle of roaring sentiments. It's a record that captures a unified bottled-up sensibility towards one strident disconnection–– gradually presenting an unflappable recovering stance as the song progresses.

"BRENT is actually about the piled "dark" feelings/emotions after a rusty breakup. A sentiment where the thoughts and emotions are kept within oneself and not shared hence being "toxic thoughts," Bugs explains.

He adds, "It talks about one's deepest thoughts (regrets, anger, resentment) and not the surface vague emotions."

The crafting process of the track springs from a random beat that producer Fern. formulated in one of his studio sessions. A rhythm that was deemed to be just one beat- making "exercise" material that later turned into a manifestation of the narrative embedded in BRENT–– a piece that echoed resoundingly to the artist's energy after he internalized its lingering temper.

"I took home the beat that Fern made and I sat on it and internalized the aura that the beat was giving me. It took me back to a phase where I wasn't my best. I acknowledged that feeling and revolved the topic of the song on it," Bugs shares.
BRENT (cover art)

Produced by Kindred Music, the collective is composed of artists such as Novoul, Vinced, Cavill, Slomo Says, Punzie, Dot.Jaime, and Fern Tan, commonly known as Fern., BRENT launches to underline not just the stellar artistic caliber of Bugs as an artist, but also to connect his artistry with the souls that find the invaluable character entrenched in his songs.

BRENT serves as Bugs' newest addition to his notable music catalog comprising previously released songs such as Basslines and Empty. The former was released in June 2022, and is now included in the official playlist of H&M stores in the Philippines, while the latter, released in February, has been featured in Monster Radio 93.1.

Bugs' noteworthy music bulletin presents his remarkable creative character–– simultaneously offering a collective introduction to some of today's uprising artists as his catalog features numerous collaborations with creatives such as Papayasoak, Sofia, Fern., and Kindred Music.

His latest offering, BRENT, exhibits a distinct feel as the record highlights the dark side of love, far from his usual "surface of love and affection" approach on his previously released tracks.

As an artist who crafts music to express oneself all while carrying a hope to connect with people through its reverberating tunes and narrative, Bugs drops BRENT–– a representation of one momentous kick-off to the type of artist he aims to introduce, an incipiency to hone his developing creative stint, and a launch to his newest take on telling stories about love.

BRENT is now out on digital music platforms for everyone to consume.


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