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Manila, Philippines

In The Music HUErizon: Tamara brings back early 2000s vibe

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I’m sure many of you will agree when I say that there are a lot of singers, bands, and rappers that deserve more recognition and hype in the OPM scene. They’re like hidden treasures but either only few are somehow willing to discover them, or maybe we haven’t really heard of them just yet. Here In The Music Huerizon, I will give you a straightforward insight about these talented artists ONE BY ONE and give you enough reasons why you SHOULD listen, support, and love them even better.

To kick off, I've decided to personally talk about the artist at the top of my list, Tamara.

Tamara was first discovered when she won at a Jingle Making Competition back in 2018. Later on, she started her career in February 2019 and launched her first debut single “Ngayon” under Mecca Music Philippines managed by Hale’s frontman, Champ Lui Pio.

If you haven’t heard of her debut single, here’s a warning for you guys, you better brace yourself ‘coz it might remind you of someone who was once part of your life. I’m not gonna spoil you what it’s really about. Go listen to her song then tell us what you think below.


One of the things I love about listening to her songs is that it gives me an early 2000’s vibe. You know the songs ‘Torete’ of Moonstar88 or their revival of ‘Panalangin’ by Apo Hiking Societythat type of vibe. Only to find out that her influences in writing music are the classic OPMs that she used to hear from her parents who are, in fact, in a band. Yes, her family is musically inclined.

“Sobrang laking impact n’ya. Napansin ko kasi when I write...old school s’ya pero may onting twist na alam mong millenial ‘yung nagsulat” she mentioned. This makes her songs more catering to different listeners even with a wide range of generations.

Check out one of her recent live streams on her official Facebook page (@OnlyTamaraMusic) and get into the early 2000s vibe with her unreleased songs ‘Magic’ and ‘Maarte’.


Now that the pandemic has greatly affected many live gigs, I wonder how she finds ways to let her creativity flow in these trying times?

“Ngayon, one year na ‘kong naka-kulong sa bahay so mas marami akong oras na mag-sound trip talaga, as in explore一 mas marami akong oras mag-aral, na mag-explore ng iba’t-ibang kind of writing; kung anong klaseng genre.” she explained.

To be honest, when she told me that she’s exploring more of what she can do I felt really excited for her career ‘coz she really creates more room to improve on. So much for us to expect better music in the OPM scene.

Tamara is just one of the promising local artists that we should expect to have a bigger impact in filipino music industry. In fact, she has a lot in store for us that she's very excited about. Whatever it is, I bet it’s something for us to wait and see.


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