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Manila, Philippines


Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Due to this “unforeseen” circumstance, we are once again placed under enhanced community quarantine. It’s been a year and we are yet to find comfort and assurance that we’ll be safe from this madness. Aside from the fact that we are battling against this pandemic, we are also finding ourselves battling with our own demons even harder because our outlet of setting our minds free is once again limited at some point.

For this month of April, let’s get to know some artists whose music we can get lost into and take us to a realm of comfort. You may or may not have heard of them, however, the end goal is to help one another catch a sight, even a pinch of silver lining in this trying season through their music.

In this week’s music HUErizon, let's find the sense of comfort and indubitable love in Coeli’s music, and know how she uses her voice in addressing mental health issues to help others.

cc: Coeli's official twitter account (@coelimusic_)

Coeli, pronounced as /che-lee/, is a singer-songwriter and cellist since 2015. She joined Ryan Cayabyab’s Elements National Singing Songwriting camp back in 2013, and is an active advocate of mental health awareness.

Her modern take on kundiman, blended with the calming sound of her cello, creates a lullaby that helps us relax and be still. Through her music and art, she creates this safe space for everyone. One of her honorable songs is ‘Magkaibigan o Magka-ibiganwhich takes part in the official soundtrack of Globe Studios’ web BL series ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’.


When was the last you had time to simply unwind and feel the breeze under a tree as the wind caresses your skin? That peaceful feeling in our safe space, letting us breathe freely without feeling any guilt or dismay within ourselves. Coeli envisions us to feel this way through her music; to block out the rest of the world and concentrate on our own well-being even for a time.

Her EP entitled ‘Here Today’ released in March 2018, Coeli shares her soulful manifestation in her music. Through her lively, creative songwriting in which she finds solace in, paved way for all listeners to relate to. Definitely an EP that we can listen to through every mood.

If you ever catch yourself in a difficult situation where you feel helpless most especially at times like this, I suggest listening to her song Puno featuring Clara Benin. This song is one of my favorites on repeat because it helps me feel safe while I close my eyes and listen to it. A gentle reminder to contemplate oneself and bring self back together.


What I love about her is that she doesn’t stop expressing herself and reaching out to people through her music and art. She continues to validate everyone through her posts on her social media platforms.

Just like in one of her YouTube videos entitled Here Today with Coeli and Angel (podcast)’, uploaded two years ago, she and her sister (Angel) bravely talked about how they take care of themselves and how they cope with their own battles.

“’s really important to pay attention to the current state that you’re in. And really asking yourself “what do I need to do for myself, now?” Coeli said as they discussed self care.

It's so moving to see how they were able to bravely show their truest self to everyone by being so transparent about what they’re going through. At the end of the video, I was taught that going through this battle has nothing to be ashamed of. It's natural to feel vulnerable at times because we become more mindful of ourselves in every sense throughout this process.

This only proves that Coeli is definitely one of the artists we can listen to in times of uncertainty. Not only because she makes music, but also because she's a strong, true and inspiring individual.

I know moments like this are testing us the hard way, but always remember that we have the power within ourselves to whether dwell on it further or choose to find safe space where we can rediscover ourselves again and fight back.

May Coeli’s songs and simple ways of reaching out to people help you get through in all ways possible.

Which OPM artist you wanna talk about next? Let us know! There's so much more to talk about. Leave a comment below or reach out to us through our socials.


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