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Manila, Philippines


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Fanlo

Here in the music huerizon, featured artists aren’t only limited conventionally since music has so much more to offer. So get ready ‘coz the lights are on, and the stage is set for Danielle Fanlo to take over the h


Generally, we don’t usually encounter someone singing a song from a musical unless it is globally famous like Disney popularized. So much so that only a few people get to know some plays that are made locally. Luckily, Danielle Fanlo, a chorale/theater artist from Davao, has arisen from the huerizon and shares her talent with her friends in Davao and KUMU, a live streaming platform.


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Fanlo

Danielle Fanlo felt the drive to start investing in her passion at the age of fourteen. During her high school years, she joined several theatrical school productions alongside with music academy.

“My high school [years] was really about honing these skills, and ang dami ring opportunities na dumating because of my mentors like they would really push us to join workshops━di ko ma-imagine yung life ko na hindi kumakanta or nagpe-perform.” she shared in our interview.

Although her passion seems very challenging for most of her journey since not a lot of people in Davao are into both chorale and theater, she never stopped practicing and attending voice lessons to let people experience the wonder of its art. She even started attending piano lessons to easily read notes and rehearse a piece on her own. Now, she's a trainee for one of the most premier chorales in the Philippines, The Philippine Madrigal Singers.

Danielle and her friends also found a way to continue sharing the spectacular world of theater, and that is by going live on KUMU and sing various songs from musicals, and then maybe talk about their experiences as a performer. For all the theater kids out there, you should definitely watch them because they sound so AMAZING!

Catch Danielle with her friends, Nica Tupas and Rafaello Cañedo, every Friday at 8pm on KUMU (at Nica’s Profile @nicatupas).


Photo Courtesy of Danielle Fanlo

From a spark of joy in high school to a burning love for the music and the arts, now she’s taking a giant leap to make her dream come true. All of the hard work she's putting in right now is actually preparing her for an audition at Rock School London, one of the most prominent music institutions in the world. This is a huge opportunity for her since she will not only be fulfilling her ambition, but she will also be showcasing to the rest of the world that Filipinos have what it takes to put on a performance.

Who would’ve thought that her little dreams of performing on stage would actually take her this far. Danielle also reminisced a moment in one of her performances that made an impact on her as an artist.

“We had one musical production featuring the songs of Mr. Ryan Cayabyab━nakakakaba kasi yung show na kelan ako nag-lead andun siya pero sobrang exciting.” She said.

As a theater kid myself, I wondered what pushed her to continue doing theatrical productions, and she said:

“I enjoy kasi na I get to be a different person kapag nagpperform ako like “okay, I’m not Yel (her nickname) right now and I’m a different person”━katulad ng isang production namin na ‘Something Wonderful, Something Musical’, that’s three different excerpts from a musical, and there were times, nagkataon, na I got two leads from different musicals. It’s exciting for me na mag-internalize and switch character instantly.”

I guess theater kids could totally agree with this.

No wonder why I had the urge to reach out to them after watching her and her friends sing during one of their livestreams by chance. Getting to know how passionate she is in her craft is truly mesmerizing and impressing in a way that I myself get excited for what the future has in store for her. Which to I say, we should all root for her because who knows, she’ll be the next big thing in performing arts.

Start supporting her by subscribing to her official YouTube channel at Danielle Fanlo.

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Instagram: Danielle Fanlo

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