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Manila, Philippines


Official Photo of Butterfly Den (in order: Kern, Ryan, Martin)

Calling out all Filipino indie band lovers out in the online world, I got great news just for you!

I know it’s pretty tiring to listen to overrated and mainstream music, so here’s a great discovery! With their tunes perfectly complementing all kinds of memories, this amazing indie band takes nostalgia to a whole new level. Dive into the realm of Butterfly Den in the music Huerizon!

Butterfly Den is an indie alternative-rock band comprising Ryan on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Martin on lead guitar, and Kern on drums, paving their way in the music industry under Sandugo Recording Studio. The band currently has four official singles released now on all digital streaming platforms. Check it out here!

I bet it’s time for you to broaden your “teenage main character” playlist with their 90s vibe alternative-rock songs. Here’s a list of when you’re feeling a certain main character vibe.


1. Simping on someone.

It feels good actually to listen to the best songs while daydreaming, either on your crush or your significant other (‘coz you’re madly in love). Imagine you’re in school on a typical dull day. Everything changed when your eyes interlocked with your special someone, and suddenly all magic happens. *sweet sigh*

Listen to their song ‘The Simp Song’ and make an extra special memory!

2. On a road trip!

This may be a stereotypical suggestion but hear me out! I know many of us can relate when the barkada has spontaneously set a road trip but you have strict parents. Their song ‘Tukso’ is definitely the perfect song that suits that kind of scenario. Imagine your friends singing that song to you. What a comedic but memorable sweet escape! Then here they come telling you, “Pagagalitan na rin naman, sulitin mo na!”.

Listen to ‘Tukso’ for that sweet escape kind of moment.

3. Self-reflecting.

Let’s admit it, we’re not always in euphoric moments, and time will come that we’ll be asking ourselves if we’re doing things right. ‘Panimdim’, which directly translates to “a feeling of loss”, is a perfect soundtrack to capture that scenery in life.

Get a hold on to ‘Panimdim’ while taking time to breathe for a while.

4. Feeling Carefree.

What’s a “main character” without making a little mess, right? What are teenage years without breaking some rules? So, sometimes we want to do things without any restraints and be all-out carefree. With this type of mood, I'm sure that ‘Did I Say' is the appropriate music to accompany it. Live while we’re young! But with safety precautions, of course.

Here’s ‘Did I Say’ that will complete your whole “main character” mood.


Now you may be wondering why their songs are pretty relatable. Besides the fact that the band consists of Gen Zs just like us, they don’t filter their emotions and the things they want to share when creating their music, making it more organic. One of the things they ponder in their creative process is how their teenage experiences translate into music.

I’m telling you, talking to these guys made me feel like I’m part of their barkada. Speaking of barkada, they have a discord community page that you may want to join in! Click here to join the server.

Photo Courtesy of Butterfly Den

These three youngsters (previously four) met because of their shared passion for music and playing instruments. They didn't click right away since they were too shy to show off their skills to each other. But after few more practices at Kern’s studio, the boys saw a bigger goal. They seized the opportunity that awaits ahead of them.

Kern: But then actually, nung nag-practice na sila dito sabi ko “Ay, pwede pala maging banda ‘to.”
Ryan: ━wala pa tayong eye-contact *laughs*
Kern: ━pero nagkakahiyaan pa kami noon.

Coming up with the band name, Martin explained that it all started when Ryan wanted to cover a song by Sandwich called “Butterfly Carnaval”. It was completely random when they suddenly chose to stick with ‘Butterfly Den,’ but this weird name will actually make a name one day for them.

Martin: Pero ang pinaparating talaga namin is that band name doesn’t really matter, eh. It’s how we present ourselves as a band.
Ryan: Tignan mo nalang yung mga sikat at magagaling na banda, ang babaduy ng mga pangalan. Itchyworms, di ba? Pero solid.
Kern: Dini-disregard mo na yung pagka-baduy ng pangalan ng banda kasi, di ba, kapag alam mong magaling sila━
Martin: ━Yeah, kaya di na rin namin masyadong pinag-isipan pa.

Butterfly Den just started back in 2019. They may have plenty of room to improve on. However, the quality of songs they were able to release at this early stage only proves that they will get so much better and better. See their live performances on their official YouTube channel to see what I’ve been talking about. Click here!

Discovering them at this time might be considerable brag to others when they finally make it to the spotlight, I must say.

To get more exclusive updates, follow them on their socials:

Facebook: Butterfly Den

Youtube: Butterfly Den

Spotify: Butterfly Den

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