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Manila, Philippines


The vibrant celebration of pride has already finished, yet the LGBTQIA+ community remains glamorous. More and more musicians from the community show off their prideful artistry as our country become progressive, just like Paul Pablo in the music huerizon!

His debut single ‘Bangin’ took the world by storm and if you haven’t heard of it, listen to it, and I’m sure you’re going to love it! Click here to listen.

About ‘Bangin’

Paul shared that ‘Bangin’ is a metaphor for what he feels about love since love is somewhat dangerous. Like we’re so scared to fall from it since we don’t know what’s gonna happen to us when we did. Will we be able to survive when we fall?

Coming up with the whole concept of the song and music video, Paul was hands-on on it from concept to execution, visuals, limited budget, time, and crew, even editing the photos for the single and PRs. They were only three of them who worked on it, and yet it came out exceptionally fantastic!


Paul Pablo, previously Paul Ramirez, is an up-and-coming OPM artist who is openly gay. Paul was scouted by Warner Music Philippines' A&R Marketing VISMIN Alexander Lim. To Mr. Lim, Paul has this unique way of showcasing his artistry without compromising his SOGIE.

He initially debuted as Paul Ramirez with his single "Bai" which will also be adopted in his latest creation as Paul Pablo.

According to Paul, they came up with Paul Pablo as his stage name to separate his private life from his art. It then became an alter ego that spreads positivity and an outlet to showcase his artistry and bravery. A sweet escape from reality, as he says. The braver side of him where everyone can get inspiration and strength from. Because of this rebranding, they had to release another debut single introducing Paul Pablo from Paul Ramirez.


When he was in elementary, Paul used to sing many all-time hits of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and all other great 90s Divas. I bet every guy who sings a lot before puberty hits can relate to him, but everything has changed in his adolescence. It somehow changed his preferences and the music he listens to that is more suitable for him.

Junior high school days were the time he was able to explore and discover more of himself. It may have changed a lot of his taste but not his love for Lady Gaga. He's a massive fan of the Mother Monster ever since he was eight years old. By the time Gaga's single 'Judas' was released, he got drawn more to explore his creativity.

"I started to explore songwriting, attend voice lessons. I also started watching documentaries and read articles about the artists that I adore, the stories behind their songs, and the visuals they create. Until such time I realized I want to be like them."

OPM-wise, he listens to the golden jukebox hits, which his parents influence. Paul also gets inspiration from his fellow OPM artists like Unique Salonga.

Getting real with his artistry, Paul admits that what he could create wasn't wholly his but a collection of inspiration from different artists that he truly loves. His personality, life experience, and his way of execution of it are his edge that completes Paul Pablo as an artist.


It’s not new to everyone when I say that people in the LGBTQIA+ community always receive different kinds of discrimination. Although our country is slowly progressing, microaggressions are very much evident, hindering queer people from fully expressing themselves. However, for Paul Pablo, being openly gay doesn't scare him from expressing himself. How he projects his emotions through his music and visuals will always be part of him. His main goal is to inspire the queer community to do the same thing.

When he started as an artist, he received a lot of criticism regarding his expression and music. Some people said that they’re too gay, which takes hold of doing what he truly desires. He received a lot of negative comments from random people online upon the release of ‘Bai’. Many of which are directly pointed to his sexuality.

However, a significant change finally happened during his college years. Paul shared that the people seemed to be more accepting and loving during his freshman year than the previous one. That’s when he started participating in many activities without hesitating to express himself fully.

Because of this, he’d love to extend his gratitude by empowering the LGBTQIA+ community through his music. Nothing can take hold of his passion now that he has the power to do so. Breaking barriers for the community will always be part of his goal as an artist. With his latest single, ‘Kalawakan’ (now on all streaming platforms), he hopes that all queer people will no longer be ashamed of who they truly are.

Get to know Paul Pablo more and get the latest updates on his socials!

Twitter: @itspaulpablo

Instagram: @itspaulpablo

Youtube: Paul Pablo

Spotify: Paul Pablo

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