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Manila, Philippines

How Listening Led Kinetix Lab to Survival in the Pandemic

Let's be honest, it costs money to get healthy. Whether we talk about food or investing with the right equipment to start, it is not a cheap task. With the economic challenges the pandemic brought to us, it is really a battle to stay in shape as the necessity needed to be fit has a price tag not for everyone.

Gyms have been like mushrooms pre-pandemic era. You would see a new one being built like a convenience store for every corner of a street. For starters like us, there were types to this depending on one's need. From conventional to bodybuilding, there is a proper place for the person who strives to be fit. But with the on-going economic downfall that everybody is facing, it is a heavy challenge to maintain or start one. Nonetheless, Coach Marlon Lugue, thinks differently.

One of the most important yet underrated components of a great fitness center are coaches. With his 11 years being a coach in commercial gyms, he knows the ropes to achieve one's goal with less to none presence of special equipment. A lot of times, knowledge and experience really pays off. Because of that, Kinetix Lab was born.

Kinetix Lab is a strength and conditioning training facility intent at making you STRONGER from all fronts. Their passion to be the champion of strength being the fundamental of all the components to a person's holistic being. From physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, these are the areas that need to be fit in order to be stronger in life.

Learning to Listen

Before a person who strives to be fit listens, you have to listen to them. You won't be able to understand their stance without properly knowing what they are battling everyday. When we asked Coach Lugue, it's as simple as asking the question "Why? Why are you doing this?"

They throw an interview to their clients to properly assess and get to their motivation. Whether it's social bullying, to a harmless toxic comment from a distant relative in a reunion saying "Uy, tumaba ka!" Everyone has an emotion button. And if not correctly handled, can lead to depression and a total downward spiral.

Listening is a very vital aspect to this journey. With a business driven by passion, this is where everything becomes different. Once they open up, that is the only time where they would listen as well.

Surviving the Pandemic

Kinetix Lab started around 2015 and of course, strived within and out of the pandemic. With the strength mindset they bare, they managed not to fold. They started to diversify their efforts and resources to form an ecosystem that still serves their purpose.

When everyone else was stuck at home and given the license to do nothing, they found things to do. Listening to what the market demands which are home setups, the innovation around their core business kept them moving. Business Development is key. Iron Quest Metal Works and Strong Stuff are some of its brainchild. The movement now becomes a culture serving its mission of strength for their clients.

Recovery being an essential part of a person’s journey to strength, they collaborated with a team of professionals that specialize in that area. Polarity and The Recovery Room by Polarityt are premier and exclusive rehabilitation centers specializing in injury prevention, pain management, as well as posture and movement assessment. The facility and services are dedicated to deliver the quickest and best solutions for musculoskeletal concerns in order to meet the physical body’s need for optimum health. The team is composed of physiotherapists, licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), who are specifically equipped with training and experience in sports and manual physiotherapy. The Recovery Room is added within the Kinetix Lab facilities in U.P. Town and Podium to provide the recovery needed after workout sessions as everyone deserves the proper assistance when recovering.

They managed to take care of their people as well. Knowing how important their employees are to the success of Kinetix Lab, business sacrifices were key to sustain the engine. They provided individual assistance and referrals to their coaches, trainers and staff to help keep life moving during those dark days. All because they include each one of their people in their outlook, that after this pandemic, they will still be present and pick the casualties to continue the movement.

Believe in What They Do

At times of uncertainty, you have two options, look at what others are doing or focus on your craft. It's the latter for Coach Luege and his team of passionate professionals. They set aside business at the time when we all don't know tomorrow. Their passion for what they do triumphs them past the lockdowns and restrictions. They kept moving forward.

And as the world normalizes with the COVID-19 belt around their waist, it's all about Passion before Business.

You can visit their facilities at these addresses:


Phase 1, Old Wing, Ayala Malls, Kinetix Lab, U.P. Town Center

Landline: 88 053 066

Mobile: 0969 097 3838


#47 Examiner St. Brgy West Triangle Mobile: 0917 799 2700


4th Floor, The Podium, Ortigas Business District, Mandaluyong Landline: 294 2089 Mobile: 0961 252 1830.

We had Coach Nelson of Kinetix Lab and Patty Tiu of Megalo Manila on Huemood to talk about stories of strength together with a playlist curated by Hannah Ichiko of Megalo Manila entitled 'Watch Me Win'

You can listen to the podcast here.

You can save and stream the playlist on Spotify here.


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