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Manila, Philippines

HOEST collaborates with Lesha and vydd, drops newest track ‘Talk About It’

Talk About It Listening Party

DJ-Producer HOEST is back to revivify the scene and bring some brisk energy as he releases his latest track, ‘Talk About It,’ on Friday, July 8. The track is published under After The Noon Records — showcasing the collaboration between HOEST, Lesha, and vydd.

Talk About It exhibits an electric techno-house record — lodging “a tale of desire” as it unfolds a narrative revolving around a growing attraction between two people.

In an exclusive interview with HOEST, the artist talked through the flashy journey in crafting the record: the intention to blast its tale to many, the influence of this record on his evolving artistry, how this track brings underground dance music to the mainstream scene, and more.

Talk About It Listening Party

TNH: The track renders a narrative revolving around the growing attraction between two people. What can you share about the inspiration behind your drive to convey such story through this track?

HOEST: During the first phase of writing lyrics with vydd, we had this first feeling of wanting people to get closer whenever they hear this track in the club, and that was our gut feel. When vydd and Lesha started going back and forth with their lyric-writing process, it all just came together. Personally, if you ask me, I think everyone has felt or wanted to feel love or attraction at that given moment.

TNH: Talk About It certainly exhibits your sonic flair. After producing the track, how would you describe the impact of Talk About It in your evolution as an artist?

HOEST: As an artist, we are constantly evolving. I know for a fact I wasn’t the same artist a year ago, and “Talk About It” is a reflection of that. I have grown so much in my craft, and my goals have evolved also. I feel really honored when people approach me and tell me that I have been an inspiration to them. I was just being carefree and true to my sound, and it made an impact on people. That is what I want to keep doing. I’m grateful above all else to have the best support team I could ever ask for in my family, my close friends, and my After The Noon family.

TNH: What differentiates this track from your previous releases?

HOEST: I would say this track could bridge underground dance music to the mainstream audience, especially here in the Philippines. We have so many talented artists, especially in that genre, that deserve a chance to highlight their sound on a bigger stage/platform. That has always been my goal ever since I started in music, and it’s what I hope to help others do.

TNH: How would you describe the journey working with two of the country’s rising artists today, vydd and Lesha?

HOEST: Working with these artists has been a blessing for me. I’ve had separate conversations with Lesha and vydd during the pandemic about the possibility of making music together. After producing this track with Sev, I had to sit down with my thoughts and analyze who would be the perfect fit. Fast forward, and here we are releasing this track. Now it’s your turn to ‘Talk About It.’

Talk About It (cover art)

Talk About It puts up a patent spectacle of HOEST’s sonic flair — thumping the audience with romantic tension across its lyrical and progressive arrangement as multiple layers of varying elements such as synths and percussion, intensifying the listening experience.

You can now stream Talk About It on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music.


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