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Manila, Philippines

Generations worth of musical geniuses - Kean, Unique and Adie imprint their impact on today's OPM

Every now and then, a generational talent is born. A person who is there to make an impact to his/her own batch. A talent who goes way beyond the norms to change the game and run it on a pace that he/she dictates. A talent whose influence transcends to the next generations who will then cement their legacy as they make their own mark in the industry.

In this case, we look at the singer-songwriters evolution to the scene. The richness of the OPM industry on this category is just too thick to pen a historical background of talented Filipino icons. From the Valera, Alcasid, Buendia just to name a few, the fuel runs in the bloodline. As Filipinos, writing and singing a song is storytelling.

The year was 2006. You go everywhere, 'Magbalik' is there.

The year was 2018. You go everywhere, 'Mundo' is there.

The year was 2021. You go everywhere, 'Paraluman' is there.

In the previous three decades, we've seen how healthy the OPM scene is. Thanks to the brilliance of three of today's icon and future ones, Kean Cipriano, Unique Salonga and Adie.

Adie Garcia is your boy next door guy. A secret until the pandemic of 2020 happened, Adie broke out of his shell and shared his music online. It didn't took long before he became a household name. He captivated the hearts of everyone with his hit song 'Paraluman' which now has 119 million streams on Spotify as of this writing. He won the recently concluded The New Hue Music Awards 2022 as Best Male Artist and now owning the charts with his collaborations with other fellow OPM artists.

Unique Salonga. The voice behind the hit song, 'Mundo'. The song which became the anthem of the next generation and signals the resurgence of the band scene once again. Unique's musical intelligence is undeniable. He did follow through with 'Midnight Sky', his first solo single and eventually, 'Sino'. This multi-talented man is conquering every area of art that he touches. He then came up with a track and an art exhibit he calls 'Oblivion' at Secret Fresh.

Kean Cipriano, known being the frontman for his former band, Callalily, that gives a massive jumpstart to his career is now the label Head of his brainchild OC Records together with his partner in everything, Chynna Ortaleza-Cipriano. He manages to continue pouring his creative juices on his recent releases like 'Tayuman' and his first solo album, 'Childlike'. Aside from his busy schedule, Kean found new territories to tap with his musical scoring stints that won him a The EDDY'S last 2021 for 'On Vodka, Beers and Regrets'.

The growth of OC Records is limitless. It's more than a music label. It's a brand. With that, OC Records together with Viva Live, gathered these three generational acts in one show. A show that's worth three decades of stories to tell under the direction of Mr. Paolo Valenciano.

Kean, Adie and Unique headlines Pulso. A concert of all generations at the New Frontier Theater on November 29, 2022 at 8PM. Get your tickets now here.


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