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Manila, Philippines

Gabo Gatdula gets more personal in latest single, ‘Di Ko Man Masabi’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Indie-pop artist and singer-songwriter, Gabo Gatdula, makes his sophomore release on Friday, May 13, with ‘Di Ko Man Masabi — an indie-pop record that speaks of expressing gratitude and appreciation for the significant people in our lives.

Following the success of his debut track, Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw — the fourth track from the soundtrack of the famous hit novel, Golden Scenery of Tomorrow, Gabo Gatdula is back to give a message of love and appreciation through his latest record, ‘Di Ko Man Masabi.

Published under O/C Records, ‘Di Ko Man Masabi renders a more personal note: the artist’s unexpressed sentiments of “appreciation” and “love” for his loved ones. Initially crafted as a piece that conveys a message of “assurance” for a special one, Gatdula shares that this track flourished into a song that carries a special message for his friends and family.

In an interview with Gabo Gatdula, the artist shared the backstory of his latest single: the inspiration in crafting this record, how his creative process gradually developed, and what prompted him to tackle the narrative of this record through his music.

'Di Ko Man Masabi (Cover Art)

TNH: What can you share about the narrative of ‘Di Ko Man Masabi? What is the core message of this track?

Gabo: Coming from the point of view of a person who is not that expressive with their feelings, the song serves as an instrument to tell their loved ones – significant other, friends, or family – how much they appreciate and love them.

TNH: Share with us the backstory of your latest single. How was it developed? What was your main inspiration for ‘Di Ko Man Masabi?

Gabo: I wrote the chorus part of ‘Di Ko Man Masabi first. It was left in my notes as a one stanza chorus for a while before having the full drive and creative juices to finish the lyrics. Kinda funny (and slightly cheesy) because it was inspired by someone that I like, and I thought of writing a song about giving assurance.

TNH: ‘Di Ko Man Masabi seemingly acts as an instrument to convey a message of assurance to people: letting them know how much we value and appreciate their existence. What prompted you to tackle such reflection through this track?

Gabo: I, myself, had a hard time before expressing my feelings. Parang sobrang gulo ng thoughts kapag sasabihin ko na directly sa kanila. With ‘Di Ko Man Masabi, I had the chance to organize it and let my thoughts run throughout the song. I realized later on that the song could also be dedicated to my friends and to my family.

TNH: You’ve mentioned that this track is a personal dedication to your loved ones. After crafting ‘Di Ko Man Masabi and expressing your emotions through this track, how do you think it has influenced your personal life and your work as an artist?

Gabo: As an artist, it tested how I can deeply connect with the songs that I create. It also taught me how to be more patient in creating my craft. It influenced my personal life in a sense that gradually, I am able to express my thoughts.

TNH: ‘Di Ko Man Masabi features an energetic indie vibe. You’ve shared that it took you 2-3 months to revise the initial demo of the track and come up with an arrangement that would give justice to the song. What can you share about your process in developing its sonic structure?

Gabo: I didn’t want to rush ‘Di Ko Man Masabi because I saw great potential in the song. I treated those months of revisions as progress to reach its full potential. With the help of Sir Jeff and Sir Martin in arranging and producing the track, I can say that I am happy with its final outcome.

TNH: You’ve worked with Martin Riggs and Jefferson Macasarte in producing ‘Di Ko Man Masabi. What can you share about that experience? What was the collaboration like?

Gabo: I am grateful that I got to work with amazing people like them for DKMM. It’s my first project with Sir Jeff and now my second with Sir Martin. I learned a lot throughout the process, especially in the creative aspect. They always listen when I have suggestions and I also listen when they have one. Mabilis kaming nagkakaintindihan. Overall, it went smooth like butter!

TNH: ‘Di Ko Man Masabi marks your debut release under O/C Records, following the launch of Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw in October, which was part of the official soundtrack of Gwy Saludes’ Golden Scenery of Tomorrow. How different is this track from your previous release? What is something about ‘Di Ko Man Masabi that your listeners should watch out for?

Gabo: From SPINA’s [Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw] sad but mellow mood, ‘Di Ko Man Masabi took a full turn with its energetic, groovy feel. It is totally different. We are happy and excited with the outcome of the song, and I hope that the listeners will also vibe with DKKM [Di Ko Man Masabi] while listening to it.

Co-produced and arranged by Martin Riggs and Jefferson Macasarte, ‘Di Ko Man Masabi delivers a “groovy” and “energetic” track — a complete turn from Gatdula’s debut track which he describes as a “mellow mood” record.

‘Di Ko Man Masabi is now available for streaming on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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