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“Flowers wilt but photos are forever”: Into your picture perfect forevers with Nice Print.

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Let’s jump backwards into a time when you popped in a CD to better suit the mood; when lines piled up in front of Zagu; and when you wore your digital camera around your wrist at every social gathering. The scene in the 2000’s involved actual face-to-face socializing— a huge contrast to today’s new normal. And in a world where actual printed-out photos are considered “retro”, the photographs that now gather dust in a box under your bed still serve their purpose: By taking you back into the days when you were a different person, as if experiencing that single moment in time as if it were happening all over again.

You have to admit: Holding and looking at old photographs is an experience in itself. You are brought into the photo, as if you had your own personal time machine. There is a special sense of sentimentality; a feeling of comfort and bliss. So naturally, when it’s the most special day of your life, you’d prefer someone who’s competent and experienced enough to do the dirty work in documenting the beginning of your new, married life.

Nice Print is a product of love, passion, and professionalism; celebrating the 15 years that they’ve been in the industry. Founded by the dynamic duo lovebirds that is Char and Jibby Tinio— a married couple who built this company from scratch— they are still working in full capacity despite the current pandemic. Let’s get into the new, the blue, and the borrowed that The New Hue learned in their talk with the very lovable Nice Print founders.

The New.

15 years isn’t exactly cons

idered new today, but back in the 2000’s when analog photos was considered revolutionary technology, Nice Print had the right idea of starting their business of preserving memories.

Almost everyone in this decade became a photographer. Digital cameras were sold everywhere and everyone’s barkada had a studio photo together. Because this was still a progressing trend, professional

photography became a highly sought-after service for major events. When it came to Nice Print founders Char and Jibby’s wedding, they hired a wedding photographer, then thought to themselves, “Bakit ang mahal?” Since they were both passionate and experienced in the field of photography, in 2003, they put up their own wedding photography service: Nice Print.

But come 2004, analog film was dying. Nice Print had to make the business decision to sell their machines and transition into digital services as quickly as possible.

Nice Print’s dynamics have worked in the past 15 years because of the couple’s partnership and trust. Char handles the marketing and finance while Jibby handles the operations and logistics; and they are both always present at projects, making sure that their clients’ wants and needs are met when it comes to the final products: the marriage, and the wedding photos and videos.

In short, you can trust that your wedding shots come from a place of love and passion.

Each wedding so far has been magical, but of course, some stood out. One of these was the wedding that happened just 10 minutes after the surprise engagement! To the Nice Print team, it was especially evident that when you're in love and surest about your partner, you want to spend the rest of your lives together the soonest you can and celebrate that new beginning with the ones you love.

The Borrowed.

Nice Print boasts keeping every single member of their 30-person team without letting anyone go due to the pandemic. Their foundation is built with trust and respect, not only between company and client, but also between its founders and employees. To the Nice Print founders, letting go of people was the last option."Kung makakain ako ng 3x/day, hindi pwede na mga tao [namin] hindi." This is thanks to the dynamic of Char and Jibby's romantic and professional relationship, working as a team, and acknowledging each other's own skills and talents.

As the Nice Print family grew, so did their clientele and professional connections that grew into personal ones. "Ate Char is there to stay," she says, as she looked back into her years with Nice Print in fondness. This isn't just "trabaho lang"-- it's a collaboration of talents working to eternalize each and every special wedding.

You could say that what's "borrowed" are the talents and skills of every person involved in each projects, and the collaboration of beautiful, inspired ideas from the clients; but what is forever are the photos, videos, and relationships gained at the end of the day.

The Blue.

When asked what their most challenging wedding experiences were, two occasions came to Char’s mind: First being a wedding during Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, and the second, a wedding during the recent Taal eruption in 2020.

Both of these events were natural calamities— a totally uncontrollable problem that every bride prays would not at all happen on their special day— and yet, they still managed to pull through. As Char reflected on these two chaotic instances, she put herself in their shoes and realized that these couples didn’t want to stall their lives as husband and wife. As she said with a smile, “Flowers will wilt, but photos are forever.”

Such is the case in the current pandemic. Many couples were blue with that same thought of having to stall their lives together. Countless weddings were postponed; others settled with court marriages… and the remaining fraction still treaded forward, accepting the possibility that some guests will send their support in other non-physical ways. But a wedding is a lifetime event! And as Nice Print believes, people will still celebrate life and the easiest, safest, and most sentimental way to mark their milestones is through photos.

Even in the pandemic, Nice Print is optimistic in moving forward, hoping to become a household name, someday going global to cater to out of the country Pinoys. From the looks of this photoshoot in New York City, USA, they're already one step into this dream.

So there you have it: The New, The Blue, and The Borrowed of Nice Print's 15 years of celebrating new beginnings!

Watch out for our exclusive 3-part 'Intervhue' with the founder of Nice Print Char Tinio in our YouTube channel here. We give you here a glimpse of what took place.

They also released a music video that you can view here in celebration of their 15th year anniversary.

Reach Nice Print here:

Photos courtesy of Nice Print


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