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Manila, Philippines

Fitz Shioda tackles "love at first sight" in new single, 'Tingin'

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Filipino-Japanese singer-songwriter Fitz Shioda releases new single, ‘Tingin’, on Wednesday, August 31.

The track, published under O/C Records, explores the notion of "love at first sight"–– how a glance at someone can somehow bring an "overwhelming" feeling of "love" or "infatuation" as looking through their eyes can get a sight of their character.

In an exclusive interview with Fitz, the artist revealed more about the backstory of this single: how the track was fueled with the thought of a glance changing someone's life, how the classic OPM songs and modern synth-pop records were among his references for the structure of the song, how this latest single made him appreciate more the value behind the simplicity of writing, and more.

Tingin (cover art by Albert Raqueno)

TNH: Tingin captures the concept of "love at first sight" and is inspired by your realization of how one's "eyes" have the potential to reveal a glimpse of their own. What made you decide to tackle such narrative through your music? Is the story also inspired by a personal experience?

Fitz: Tingin was indeed inspired by a personal experience during the pandemic. The first thing I always notice about someone is their eyes. Looking through someone's eyes gives you a glimpse of who they are, what they're feeling, and what they've been through. I guess with this song, I wanted to explain that feeling of how a simple "tingin" can mean so much. How you can go about your life as you usually do and suddenly you see this person, and with that one glance, your life is never the same.

TNH: How about the creative development of this record? What can you share about the journey of its progression? Are there any distinct references or circumstances that greatly influenced the production of the record?

Fitz: I really wanted the song to be as simple as possible. I kept the chords simple and the lyrics more direct to the point compared to my other songs. I guess the classic OPM love songs, as well as some modern synth-pop songs that I listen to, somehow influenced the progression of the track.

TNH: Its sonic arrangement exhibits a pop tune that evokes a romantic and sentimental mood. What can you share/explain about the arrangement's elements that accentuate such mood/tone?

Fitz: I also wanted it to give off a "harana" vibe, which is why the song is accompanied mostly by a guitar. I also intended to give it a modern touch, thus the synths and beats, haha. All these are gently mixed together, which could either make you feel butterflies in your tummy or sleepy like a baby since it could also work as a lullaby, haha.

TNH: How was it working with Ammy Gecana and Carlo Jay Cruz for this track? How would you describe the collaboration?

Fitz: Ammy Gecana is such a great singer. She blessed the track with her vocals. Carlo is such a young and talented producer. He's also very creative and very easy to work with.

TNH: After producing the record, how do you think Tingin influenced your artistry?

Fitz: Tingin convinced me that writing simple songs is actually fun! Less thinking, more feeling. I will definitely write more songs like Tingin.

Fitz Shioda's catalog stems from his artistic quest to intermix the sound of blues, soul, acoustic, and rock into his own version of pop. Following the release of his debut track under O/C Records, callboi, launched early this year, the Japanese-Filipino artist is back to offer his most romantic track yet, Tingin.

The creative production of this record involves Ammy Gecana, who performed some of the backup vocals, and producer Carlo Jay Cruz who mixed and mastered the track.

You can now stream Tingin on digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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