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Manila, Philippines

First Thirty Seconds - A Week from Jem Cubil, Keiko Necesario and Aly Remulla

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The first alternating notes of the guitar intro will wake you up in the morning followed by embracing notes from keys and to top it all, strings - may that be midi or real it sounds like a sincere confession. The First Thirty Seconds of Little by Little really started Little by Little.

The instruments are like colors diving in one pool together to create a very colorful story. Finally, just in time before the thirty second - mark, Singer-Songwriter Jem Cubil's shy but confident, smooth but rough, curious yet knowing voice says " Let's talk a little louder " and that's really pretty much all you need to know that this Odd Creature from O/C Records will not just sing on this record, he will tell you a story, he will make you feel things. I also can't not mention how balanced this mix is, great work from Andrew Florentino. When the bass and snare drum kicked in all emotions suppressed inside started coming out with every beat from the floor tom and bass like it's the reason why a man can cry because finally, he's coming home and home is within reach.

Stream Little by Little:

Spotify here. YouTube here.

Art by: Albert Raqueno

Keiko Necesario is ready to let go.

The 10-track full length album started with Ready, Let Go. The intro of the song gives you a vibe of an anime character finally seeing the sunlight for the first time. The first two lines of the song also says a lot about the story.

" I've tried to cover up for so long, hide between the lines of every song "

I don't know why I noticed the digital snare hitting only twice during the pre-chorus, perhaps because she said She's scared but she's breaking-free?

The production of the chorus part is the bomb. Brendyn 'Rusti' Rossouw, CHASING FANTASIA and Tristan Carmichael brought london to manila. The music really blends well with Keiko's voice and song writing.

Stream Ready, Let Go

Spotify here.

The 'Dagat-Pop' pioneer artist Aly Remulla released 'Isla' as a follow up single from her debut track, Alon.

Let's talk about the first thirty seconds of Isla. This track is also Aly's debut as a producer. Isla is mixed and mastered by Aaron Gonzales of Pointbee Multimedia. The track starts with Soft-Acoustic-Folk-Pounding-Guitar-Plucking that sounds sure and confident of a long journey. After 24 seconds, she sings the first line of the song with her comforting vocals - " Nais kong makita ang pag sikat ng araw na ika'y kasama " The track which was released exactly on her birthday, is the artist’s gift to her fans & supporters.

The single art cover which was done by Gianna Soliman, is a representation of Aly’s deep hope for her music. The question "ilang isla pa ba ang tatawirin? " is also reflective of our the current normal. Though we are physically separated for now, this song encourages us to connect.

Stream Isla

Spotify here. YouTube here.

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