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Manila, Philippines

Fashionable statements of self-love

Photo courtesy of Sarilimuna

Sarilimuna is a local brand founded in 2020 by the Servacio twins Pat and Carlos Servacio. Sarilimuna started with printed shirts as their first collection. All of Sarilimuna's merchandise designs include statements promoting their advocacy in empowering Filipinos' self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

The Servacio twins struggled in creating Sarilimuna because of the pandemic and financial issues, and it took them months to launch it. Despite this, they remained positive that sooner or later they would succeed because of their dedication and desire to promote their advocacy and love of fashion, Sarilimuna was successfully launched in 2020 after months of hard work.

The Servacio twins believe that their concept of Sarilimuna will allow everyone to ponder their self-worth and that the way they created their product with a statement about considering self will allow Filipinos not just to give their customers a good fashion but also to express themselves, reminding others to stop judging people and to stop the stigma of living life according to societal standards.

Pat and Carlos Servacio are constantly creating new collections for their brands to expand their business.

Check these Sarilimuna's first collections about self-love:

Sarilimuna also created a facemask that we can purchase wear whenever we leave our houses.

For more information you may visit their page at:


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