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Manila, Philippines

Fall in love with Job Luzon's newest single, ‘maneho'

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Singer-songwriter and emerging artist, Job Luzon, just made his debut release under O/C Records last January 28 with ‘maneho’ — a pop-r&b track that touches on what it's like to feel and understand the wonders of love through simple yet meaningful gestures.

maneho is a song that tackles how love can be as simple as wanting to be alone with someone who you want to spend your joyrides with”

In an interview with Job, he reveals his drive to depict romantic love stories through his music, why he aims to make people fall in love regardless of their current romantic status with this track, and more about his experience producing maneho.

TNH: How do you feel about your debut release under O/C Records? How has the journey been so far?

Job: It’s actually a mixture of feelings. I’m ecstatic, excited, and anxious at the same time. Anxious because I don’t know how the listeners would feel towards my music. However, I’m very much confident of what I want my sound to be. From writing maneho to pitching and then finalizing everything, it was all great, and I feel content. And to add up, I still can’t believe I’m about to release my debut song under O/C Records. This used to be a dream indeed!

TNH: You mentioned that maneho is a song about love – how important is it for you as an artist to share such message about love to many?

Job: For me, love is everywhere and everything. It could be a happy feeling or a sad one. All the songs I’ve written talk about love but in different forms. maneho talks about romantic love. It’s very important for me as a songwriter to share love this way because there's so much about love that we can talk and write and sing and learn about.

TNH: In your writing process, a big part of your passion for literature is incorporated in your love for music – what can your listeners expect from this track in terms of its literature aspect?

Job: maneho’s idea is as simple as being in a car, going somewhere at a low speed, listening to chill music with the person you truly love the most. However, the lyrics are actually more than that. Listeners can expect metaphors and descriptive phrases on this song lyric-wise.

TNH: How would you describe your experience producing maneho?

Job: Producing maneho has been a fulfilling one. It’s one of my songs that I could already hear in my head long before I had already produced them. The bass on the chorus, the vocal effects, the chord progression; I already had them in my head, so it was very much fulfilling to produce the track gradually, as if I was completing a puzzle piece by piece.

TNH: You usually go for a minimalist production, and in this track, a blend of pop-r&b is highlighted. Can you share more about the sonic aspect of this track?

Job: The song is sonically approaching the modern-but-kind-of-retro vibe. The melodies are definitely on the pop/R&B side, mainly because of those spitting lyrics that I wrote on the verses. It’s actually sonically cohesive to the songs that I have been writing, and I can’t wait to showcase the other tracks I have. I am very much excited to release maneho because it kind of shows everyone what to expect from my music in general.

TNH: As one of today’s emerging artists in the OPM scene, what kind of artist will the people see through this single, and what is in maneho that you would want people to see/experience?

Job: The kind of artist that writes and values his own stuff is what people would mainly see through this single. That’s why I’m very thankful for O/C Records because they have given me the authority to have artistic freedom. With regards to people’s reflection on this song, I want them to feel in love regardless of whether they are brokenhearted or divorced. maneho is one of those songs I wrote with the objective of making people feel in love. I hope when they get to hear this, they do.

maneho underscores Job Luzon’s passion for both music and literature. The track echoes a rhythmic sound progression that highlights a combination of chill and romantic r&b tunes.

You can keep streaming maneho on all leading digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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