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Manila, Philippines

EXCLUSIVE: Independent artist Oz Kabuhat drops single about the reality of the "talking stage"

Photo courtesy of Oz Kabuhat's IG (photographed by @honeyscoped)

Independent producer and singer-songwriter Oz Kabuhat just dropped his latest single, UR MIND!, a soulful R&B track that touches on the notion of over-calculated measures and feelings of uncertainty embedded in the reality of the early stages of romantic relationships.

UR MIND! features an appealing soulful R&B tune with a striking trace of electronica and psychedelic elements–– evoking a great dynamic of enthralling and vivacious features.

In an exclusive interview with the artist, Oz revealed more about the backstory of the record: how Indonesian singer-songwriter Niki's Every Summertime ignited the concept of the track, why a "smooth" and "elegant" approach to the sonic arrangement was formulated, how the creative process of UR MIND! revealed to the artist his zeal for incorporating a sense of "nostalgia" in his work, and more.

UR MIND! (cover art)

TNH: UR MIND! captures the hazy reality and maddening early stages of a relationship. What made you decide to touch on such a notion through your music?

Oz: We've all experienced this hazy give-and-take scenario; it is something we discuss a lot, therefore I wanted to write about it! We can all remember thinking, "Oh my, did I send too many messages?" or like those times when you believe you're connecting the dots, but you aren't. Despite the fact that it can be annoying, I believe this to be one of the most eventful, if not the most thrilling, phases of a relationship. I don't want anyone to experience a protracted period of uncertainty, though.

TNH: What propelled you to craft the plot of UR MIND!? What can you share about the inspiration behind its narrative production?

Oz: One late afternoon, when my friend and I were traveling home from school, Niki's "Every Summertime" came on the radio. There is a line in that song that goes, “I’d give up everything to travel inside your mind~” My friend sighed, mumbling, “I wish I could literally take someone’s mind.—travel in it or something”. Then, boom. All the way home, that concept was all I thought about.

TNH: What are some of the highlights along the journey that greatly influenced the overall structure of the record?

Oz: My friend and I were recording guitar during the early stages of the production stage. At first, we could not seem to get the feel right. We tried a plethora of styles and ended up dismayed. Nothing seemed to match the song and how I envisioned it in my head. After brainstorming, we figured, “why don’t we try just keeping it very simple but gentle?” Then voila, all of a sudden, everything worked. From that moment, the approach to the track was to be smooth and elegant. That realization laid down the path for everything else we incorporated.

TNH: Your artistry is anchored in producing records that carry varying elements and genres. UR MIND! exhibits soulful R&B tunes mixed with electronica and psychedelic influences. How would you describe the process of determining the overall sonic arrangement of this track?

Oz: I was taught to serve the song. I always prioritize what sounds best for the track until I complete an arrangement. Once accomplished, that is when I spiral into the abyss of never-ending Oz sounds. I always add spice last to make sure that the record is focused and not all over the place—no matter how many elements from various genres I put together.

TNH: What eccentric quality is embedded in this song that you think speaks of the kind of artist you are today?

Oz: My creative process does not involve putting random elements together just because they sound good. I see to it that every move is calculated. Strangely, this was not the case for “UR MIND!”. This dragged beat swinging beneath a dense layer of bouncy instruments is a pure outcome of enjoyment. Though I still made sure every detail I added was fitting, the whole process was just so much fun. That is who I am today. Regardless of what emotion I seek to express through music, I always incorporate as much joy as I can into my workflow.

TNH: After producing the record, how do you think this single influenced your artistic growth? What significant discoveries do you wish to integrate into your next music ventures?

Oz: Although my love for R&B goes way back to my childhood, this is my first record from the genre. This record showed me how much I enjoy factoring-in nostalgia into my work. Moving forward, it is something I will do more often. I will continue to relive the sounds associated with the greatest parts of my life by making music and sharing it with the world.

UR MIND! captures a radiant illustration of a tricky yet riveting phase entrenched in the carking early stages of a relationship. Kabuhat delivers a canny performance–– carefully observing the envisioned smooth and elegant treatment to the record.

You can now stream UR MIND! on digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more.


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