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Manila, Philippines

EMN’98’s latest track exhibits an alternate reality for a lost loved one

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Singer-songwriter and OC Records’ first-ever The Next Odd Creature winner EMN’98 launches her sophomore track, ‘Panaginip,’ on Wednesday, July 20.

After releasing her debut single, Hulog, last October, EMN’98 is back to captivate her listeners with a new single, Panaginip. The track features a narrative about yearning for and dreaming of an alternate reality for a lost loved one.

“Panaginip is a track about longing for your lost loved one. It may be for a person who lost their person, got ghosted by their person, or as shallow as it may seem, for the person who you came across with but did not work,” she shares.

The track’s title encapsulates a dream-like tale where one can situate a different scenario — contrary to reality or perhaps a wind back the clock.

“We create a different reality in life for the people or things who are not present anymore.”

In an exclusive interview with the artist, EMN’98 shared more about the inspiration behind her latest track, the impact of its story and production process on her personal life and artistic quest, and how valuing her pain and vulnerability influenced her craft.

Panaginip (cover art)

TNH: Panaginip exhibits the notion of creating a different reality for people/things that are not present in your life anymore. How important is it for you to share the narrative of this record with your listeners? What do you aim to convey to them through this record?

EMN’98: Everything in life doesn't last and everything has its ending. Madalas kasi natin na te-take advantage ‘yung mga tao or bagay sa buhay natin and mare-realize lang natin kung gaano sila ka halaga ‘pag wala na. I want my listeners to value everything they have in life and enjoy the little things.

TNH: You often write music based on your personal life experiences. What can you share about the personal experience embedded in crafting the narrative of Panaginip?

EMN’98: When I experienced being left alone and fighting with my own demons by the person who promised to conquer the world with you, mararamdaman mo talaga na minsan parang ‘di na totoo ‘yung nangyayari.

TNH: The core message of this record also touches on the concept of longing for lost love. Your previous release, Hulog, highlights a similar experience — heartbreak caused by a “toxic relationship.” Is there any connection between the stories of those two? What can you share about it?

EMN’98: Yes, but this time I'm longing for that person who left. Hindi ko pa mabitawan or di ko pa matanggap na wala na. Iba ‘yung sakit kapag naiwan ka nang walang dahilan tapos wala kang ka-alam-alam kasi iikot nang paulit-ulit sa utak mo kung ano bang nangyari, hence, gagawa ka ng different reality just to fill the gap.

TNH: Panaginip features a mixture of RnB and pop. What can you share about the journey behind the sonic arrangement of this record?

EMN’98: Ang goal ko talaga is mag tunong eerie and dreamy ‘tong track at the same time. Parang pag nanaginip tayo na kahit ang bilis nating gumagalaw sa sitwasyon ang bagal ng hila satin in reality. Nakakatakot pero ayaw mo pang magising.

TNH: After producing the track, how do you think the experience influenced your personal and artistic quest?

EMN’98: I felt like kaya ko rin palang mag long for something kahit masakit. As an artist who values her pain because I put it in my art, I experienced a whole different dimension.

TNH: What kind of artist will your listeners see through this record?

EMN’98: Vulnerable at nagising sa reality — parang nasampal ng realidad. It's okay to be vulnerable to things na masakit because you will never wake up if you continue to dwell in it.

Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by the artist alongside R.iv, Panaginip showcases a blend of RnB and Pop — generating a sad mellow tune with a hint of “eerie” and “dreamy” vibe as the story unfolds.

You can now stream Panaginip on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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