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Manila, Philippines

ELIANA reflects on toxic relationships in debut single ‘Still'

Photo courtesy of ELIANA

It’s never easy to ride out a twirling sense of confusion and uproar change of emotions that are baffling to identify and disentangle, but Eliana, an 18-year old Filipino singer-songwriter, took up the gauntlet and confronted the perplexing emotions piled up with questions that are fueled by under-the-radar warning signs of toxic relationships.

In her debut single ‘Still’, released last June 19th, Eliana lays bare an internal discourse crammed with a bunch of questions to reflect on, prompted by toxic relationships. The soothing vocals, gentle tempo, and thin combination of rhythmic synth exhibit a laid-back vibration of the emotions ventilated in the song.

“‘Still’ is a song about toxic relationships. I think in our generation today, this is one of the most talked about experiences not just in romantic relationships but also in family and friends. It inspired me to write a song that would relate to a lot of people and also make them think about how they should act upon it and how it makes them feel. That's why the lyrics of the song consist of a lot of questions that you can reflect on because I think it's also important that you also take time to listen to yourself when you are in that situation,” Eliana explains.

In the process of producing her debut single, Eliana admits that though at first, she was hesitant to fetch the dream, having a solid support system motivated her to plunge into the project.

“I was a bit hard on myself because I felt like even though I have experience in writing, it was still not enough. I was able to realize that being genuine in songwriting is also very important. My brother, who produced my first single, was very patient with me and how I wanted the song to sound. I really owe it to him, and we love how it came out,” she adds.

‘Still’ is now available for streaming on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms.


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