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Manila, Philippines

Dom Guyot Faces Love, Loss, And Regret In New Heartwrenching Release, “unkind”

Dom Guyot

After an exciting and energetic June, having championed his love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community and pride month anthem, MAYARI, Cebu-based singer and songwriter Dom Guyot returns with a heartfelt, emotional, and reflective new single, unkind, which explores a person’s regret towards a relationship.

Listen to the official track here.

Watch the official visualizer here.

Conflicted Heartache

Created with his long-time producer in Cebu, Carlisle Tabanera, collaborator Ana Luna, and good friend Denise Julia, who if you listen closely, provides enchanting vocals to complement him. “unkind is an honest portrayal of unspoken feelings of love and its effects on a person’s psyche,” Dom details. “It dabbles around themes of love, loss and ultimately regret, having not done anything to save the relationship.” The R&B/soul track tells the story of a “scorned and insecure lover” feeling the need to let go of his partner because he feels undeserving of that love, ultimately affecting the dynamics of the relationships around you.

Dom Guyot

Dom Guyot reflects on a past relationship that inspired the creation of the track, elaborating, “I made the track about an ex I dated a while back who I honestly still care about. I dated him at a time where I was not in the right headspace, yet he still stood by my side and loved me for who I was. Basically, I was severely unkind to myself, ergo, I was severely unkind to him.”

Unspoken Words, Spoken Lyricism

Dom starts his self-aware release with a gutting line: “Loving him was easy, but I didn’t treat him right,” further exploring themes of guilt and regret on a love lost. The first verse expresses a person’s longing for a past lover, reminiscing on how it felt to be loved by someone who was caring and kind.

Dom Guyot

This is followed by a cavernous chorus that expands one’s conflicting feelings towards that lover, where he feels undeserving of that love, yet desiring for it at the same time. This is further complemented by Dom’s choice of vocals and instrumentals. “unkind makes use of a juxtaposition between a major chord (C#maj), which is usually known as a happy sounding chord, and the melancholic and dispiriting lyrics and melodies, to specifically portray the two different spectrums in love. With a hazy synth, a perfect blend of orchestral instruments, unkind is definitely the definition of what a tragic bittersweet romance sounds like.”

Compared to his previous track, MAYARI, which was explosive, Dom takes a more somber and emotional approach to unkind. “I really wanted my vocals to shine this time, along with my songwriting and storytelling. I feel after I showed everyone how good of a performer I am via mylast release: MAYARI, I wanted to show everyone my heart. How Dom Guyot loves as plain ‘ol Dominic Guyot from a small town in cebu. I wanted to tell the story of love through my perspective, and hopefully have other people relate to it.”

A Message for Conflicted Lovers

When asked on how the track may be interpreted, Dom explains, “there are so many ways to interpret the single depending on what the listener’s current mindset is. It can feel like a confession of love for others, a reflection for some, a comforting lullaby for a few and maybe even a hugot heartbreak track for a handful.”

Dom Guyot is no stranger to letting his emotions run free, and he wishes that fans also do the same when hearing his music. “I just want them to feel. Feel whatever they want however they need to. This is the reason why I love unkind so much, and specifically the lyricism on the track as it opens so much room for interpretation.”

unkind is now streaming on all platforms.


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