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Manila, Philippines

Dia Mate’s New Single “Kahit Na” is the next Hugot song to save on your playlist

Dia Mate

Dia Mate is back with her latest single, “Kahit Na,” which marks the fourth installment in her captivating “Tagalog era.” Earlier this year, Dia decided to release music that departs from her usual R&B and indie-pop sound. This musical endeavor gave her a path to explore new territories, resulting in hits like “Kalimutan” and “Another Day,” which were written with Filipino artist Quest, delving into themes of growth, acceptance, and women’s empowerment.

Dia Mate

More recently, she collaborated with Gab Tagadtad to create a mesmerizing song called “I Want to Make You Mine,” focusing on the power of manifestation.

Notably, Gab Tagadtad also co-wrote and produced “Kahit Na,” solidifying his creative synergy with Dia.

The Inspiration and Collaborative Genius Behind “Kahit Na”

Dia Mate compares hearing and making music as a good form of therapy. She emphasizes how music helps her process her emotions and leads her to create something she can be proud of. Dia shared, “Kahit na’ is more relatable than you would think. You can fall so deeply in love that you are willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work. And for it to work, there will be a lot of compromising and reciprocating from both parties."

Dia showcased authenticity and openness through “Kahit Na,” expressing thoughts of falling deeply in love with someone and doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work. She acknowledged that there will be a lot of compromising and reciprocating when it comes to being in a relationship and that it’s not always easy.

Dia Mate

“I co-wrote this song for myself and friends who also find themselves in this situation. So many relationships are kept private for so many reasons and it’s not easy.," Dia noted.

As a collaboration with Gab Tagadtad, “Kahit Na” had an intricate creative process involving translation and conversations between him and Dia. Dia explained, "To write the song, I would give him my lyrical ideas in English, and he would then translate and form those ideas into Tagalog. I helped with some of the lyrical Tagalog ideas as well. Gab then came up with the beat for the song, which I loved instantly."

“Kahit Na” also displayed Dia’s versatility as an artist and a vocalist. She expressed that the vocals for the song revealed a malambing and soft tone to portray the emotions of someone deeply in love. Meanwhile, the instrumental differs from her usual releases, showcasing a mix of afro and pop with a chill and upbeat vibe.

Taking Fans on A Journey of Love and Resilience

When asked how she would describe “Kahit Na,” Dia answered with a sweet and innocent thought. She noted that she wants listeners to experience navigating love as a young adult.

“When an unlikely pair from different backgrounds falls in love and is met with a situation where their relationship needs to be kept mum due to timelines that don’t match, is there a chance for it to survive? I want the listeners to experience the feeling of love that won’t get away. A love where the connection is so strong and deep that it is stuck with you."

Dia Mate

Intriguing and heartfelt, “Kahit Na” promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of emotions and musical prowess. Dia Mate’s artistic evolution continues to be a source excitement and inspiration, and this song is the latest gem to her musical artistry!

‘Kahit na’, released under Island Records Philippines, is available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the track here.

Watch the Official Visualizer here.

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