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Manila, Philippines

Def Jam Philippines new artist J-Nine releases first single ‘GG’ with King Promdi

Def Jam Philippines is all about giving breaks to talented and deserving artists. Just before the year comes to an end, they have once again uncovered a once-hidden gem that might just be the label’s next hitmaker. J-Nine is absolutely ready to take over countless playlists with her first single, GG.

GG is a collaboration between J-Nine and Def Jam Philippines Artist King Promdi of VVS Collective. It was a perfect match made by the music gods. King Promdi came up with a head-bopping beat, as usual, and wrote the lyrics. J-Nine chipped in with the harmony and it was just magic.

This is her first formal record in a studio. J-Nine proudly shares that it only took a couple of hours for them to complete the song—recording included!

As its name suggests, GG is for the gamers—for those who spend hours on end trying to become an unbeatable glorious mythical conqueror for some mobile or computer game. Along with non-stop gaming comes the tendency to ignore and take for granted loved ones and other life priorities, J-Nine and King Promdi turned into music what countless people have in mind—"Bakit puro laro na lang? Pansinin mo naman, kanina pa naghihintay. Gusto ko lang malaman if you miss me.”

Born Janine Castillo, J-Nine was accidentally “discovered” by Def Jam Philippines’ artists who happened to see the charming 20-year old Entrepreneurship sophomore. During some jamming sessions after wrapping up the music video shoot for ‘KABADO’, It didn’t take long for them to realize that J-Nine had what it takes to become an artist herself. A true music lover, she has been doing a lot of covers on social media for quite some time now. GG is her first original track and she’s definitely excited about her collaboration with King Promdi and a recording company that’s no less than Def Jam Philippines.

She was given the opportunity to collaborate with one of the label’s very first signed talents in the country, King Promdi.

A music video is already in the works for GG. Today, J-Nine is keeping herself busy writing new songs. She is looking forward to many more singles and possibly some albums with Def Jam Philippines in the near future.

Watch King Promdi x J-nine ‘GG’ official lyric video here


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