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Manila, Philippines

Dada by NOBRVND out now

Coming from his latest release "Sinayang", NOBRVND is set to drop his newest single entitled "Dada" under Warner Music Philippines.

DADA is an eclectically produced track, intentionally made to shed new light on the hip hop/rap genre. Genre influences prevalent in the track such as gospel and nuances of choir gives the song a ‘hopeful’ vibe, and with prominent traces of Electronica, makes DADA a colorful experience through the layers of synths and heartfelt hooks.

The song speaks about certain people in one’s life that nag at you as if it was part of their routine and when prolonged, almost feels like a gaslight. The song expresses confusion and frustrations where meaning to whoever gets nagged on gets lost and clouded up. The song ends with an almost bittersweet conclusion with the added irony where amid the ‘hopeful’ choir accompaniment, are lyrics that describe the subtle feeling of disappointment and acceptance.


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